iOS 4.0.2 is out and available for download. As expected, this update fixes the security hole that was uncovered by JailbreakMe. If you rely on your jailbreak/unlock, you should not update until a new jailbreak has been found.

You can find all the download links for every iPhone model in our iPhone downloads section.

[Image 9 to 5 Mac]

  • Lazynomore

    ummm my iphone 4 was prepared for shipment today… wonder if it will come with 4.0.2. what do you think Sebastien?

    • Will

      Don’t worry lazy, your phone will come on 4.0.1 firmware it just released a few hrs ago

  • Benji222

    It wont.

  • Will

    C’mon guys … I’m waiting … Still waiting who is going to be the first one saying . “sabastian , help please, I accidentally updated my iPhone 4 . I need my jailbreak back !” lmao

  • Mac

    Hi sibastien I got the best news for everybody
    What about 4g unlimited data for $25
    Dollars a month no contract and 100 one
    Time buy and you can hook up all your
    Apple product to It this is real

    • Beakhand

      How do u do that

    • Z

      I was just looking at an ad displaying a Verizon iPhone 4G that looked nothing like an iPhone 4, but a 3GS. Made me laugh…

  • Mac

    no more att

  • Help lol

    “Plz help me, I updated my iphone ACCIDENTALLY. I dont have shsh saved.”


  • HA! who needs an update? lol

  • Salvador

    Any idea if this update fix the slow iphone 3g

  • Ethan

    I don’t know bout you guys, but the variations of the spelling of Sebastiens name are cracking me up!

  • @Ethan Yeah I know. I’m at 14 variations and counting 😉
    The worst so far is Sabatine.

    • Z

      We have a “sabastian” here lol – pretty close to Sabatine. That’s why I stick to the first letter only… =)

    • Z

      But in no way do I mean to suggest you to do that. Please, Don’t! =)

  • Hern

    I accidentally updated and need a way to jailbreak again. Helppp

    • Mac

      500 dollars to jailbreak again
      and I want cash

      • Z

        In advance and via western union please lol

  • Kamesh

    No need to update u have PDF Warner fix equivalent to patch on 4.0.2
    Right sabotage(sabatine) 😀
    Ppl can’t u copy paste too 🙂

  • TheComer

    You know, I feel like the old os 3.1.3 is much better than the ios 4 , of course specially on 3G & 3GS models, cuz since I updated my 3gs to ios 4, it started to drain the battery rapidly and also it’s getting warm noticeably. besides still there are lots of apps not supported to ios 4 which I used to be enjoying them on 3.1.3. hmmm of course the only reason why im using ios 4 is because there are lots wonderful apps can only work or even be effective on it. not to mention that 3g users are complaining of slow progress issue.

  • Whats new in this version besides the fact of the patch?

  • Magnus

    To fix both the overheating and rapid battery drain on iOS4.x just turn off wifi when you’re not using it. You will notice your iPhone will not drain near as fast and it won’t feel like it was left in the sun all day.

    Well Steve jobs said it himself apple is NOT a software company. This much is becoming very obvious.

  • Anders

    I have bought the latest version of Qik Video Camera Pro today from Apple Store for my iPhone 3G for video recording, but when trying to install I get a message the program was not installed due to
    an unknown error. The suggested resolution is that I update to the latest version of iOS for my iPhone. I now have an jailboken 4.01. Any suggestion?

  • Sebastien, I have a iPod touch 2g 8gb when i connected it to iTunes it told me there was a new software available. So I thought it might get my ipod faster as when it was with ios 3.. 20 minutes later i readed that 4.0.2 wasn’t jailbreakable. Is it true ?[it’s an MC model]

  • The new 4.1 upgrade is there for the download – I’ve done it and it seems to work a treat. Here’s my experience

  • Cazrastapwns

    Hey guys how do I even use the SHSH thing for earlier versions? Can someone even explain this to me plzzzzzz nd thx :p