The man with the Apple info, John Gruber, has posted a long entry concerning the latest information about a CDMA iPhone. As with all undisclosed releases, this particular product is codenamed N92. So what’s different about this rumor than all the others? Well, Gruber states that the mysterious device has entered Engineering Verification Testing (EVT) status. This is said to be just below Designed Verification Testing.

What may or may not be important to mention, is that the ordering of CDMA parts doesn’t necessarily equal a Verizon iPhone. Sprint uses the same technology, so as the “facts” stand, they could be getting the iPhone. While that is possible, I see this note as Gruber covering his butt, just in case nothing happens.

When would this mammoth of an announcement come? Some say at the CES, while others predict a special announcement. LTE, Verizon‘s next focused technology, is rumored to be their focus at CES, so unveiling a CDMA product at the same time wouldn’t make any sense. Wherever (if ever) it happens, January 2011 is the popular timeframe… right now anyway.

Gruber then goes on to question the popularity such a device would attract. The 1.7 million units AT&T sold in the iPhone 4 opening weekend is a difficult number to match. There would no doubt be lines, and long lines at that. We would really see just how many of Verizon’s loyal fan-base have been waiting for the beloved iPhone.

We at iDB will faithfully keep bringing you the details as they emerge. As the new year approaches, I expect this to be make or break concerning the validity behind the Verizon iPhone. It seems as if we’ve been hearing (and forgetting) about the possibility for years. One thing is for certain, a release this huge will be difficult to conceal, even for Apple. Unless of course they happen to “lose” another one in a “random” bar. Any thoughts?

  • SoCoMagNuM

    Wow lol…you mention verizon and iphone…it gets ghost around here.

    Me personally dont mind if the phone goes to other carrier. If anything that opens the doors to others enjoying the benefits of owning an iphone. Ill still be rolling with AT&T for the simple fact the phone still operates properly and i honestly dont have signal issues in my area. I rarely travel so it fits my everyday lifestyle.

    Im aware thats not the case in some areas so id be a better decision to jump to a carrier that covers your lifestyle best.

  • Lukeluke

    Im not so excited about the cdma iphone really.
    what i really want is for tmobile to upgrade to 3g and have a gsm phone that i can travel the world with. cdma is not that useful.

    Oh BTW, I have been using this phone for almost half a year now, i have never experienced ANY SINGLE drop call using tmobile.

  • What is so catchy about cdma phone!! Need some good upgrades man!! :/