First let me say that Camera+ is in my top 5 of amazing iPhone apps. On the iPhone 4, this application allows you to maximize your photography abilities to a whole new level, when it comes to taking pictures on a phone. The developers at Taptaptap have snuck in a feature via Safari, that allows you to shutter photos using the volume buttons. Quite handy when you’re using a paid app designed to take stable snapshots.

Apple rejected their public attempt, saying “Your application cannot be added to the App Store because it uses iPhone volume buttons in a non-standard way, potentially resulting in user confusion. Changing the behavior of iPhone external hardware buttons is a violation of the iPhone Developer Program License Agreement. Applications must adhere to the iPhone Human Interface Guidelines as outlined in the iPhone Developer Program License Agreement section 3.3.7” Apparently Apple doesn’t think we are smart enough to operate the camera via physical buttons.

Fear not though. Just type “camplus://enablevolumesnap” (don’t use quotations), into your iPhone’s Safari URL box, and Camera+ version 1.2.1 will enable the feature. Want it removed? Just type “camplus://disablevolumesnap”, and you’re back to its original state.

Like always when it comes to a developer circumventing Apple’s ultimate authority, this won’t last long, I’m sure. So you better grab it now, before it’s banished into the violators oblivion. I can’t help but again think of how many other, less popular apps, have hidden features sneaked into their applications.

[Smoking Apples]

  • Salvador

    talking about pictures since i update my iphone 3g to 4.0.1 when i take a picture it won’t save to camera roll any fix? i reboot several times and nada same thing

    • Akash thakkar

      Would someone tell me how to jailbreak my 3G iPhone on the computer

  • Anurudda

    wow… thanks for the tips Ethan… gonna try this out…

    • Ethan

      You bet. Glad to give you useful info. I can vouch for the accuracy in the description. Volume buttons working nicely on my iPhone 4

  • Ifonechip

    In order for camera + to save your photo to the camera roll you have to press the save key. It’s a great camera app and the vol key with the shutter works great love it

  • Curious — didnt see any credit given to your source for this cool tip. how did it come to you?

    • Ethan

      The source seemed to be accidentally omitted.

  • thanks, nice tip. and thanks for your response.

  • @Scott My bad, I forgot to add the source when publishing this article by Ethan. It’s now fixed.

  • Ken

    My iPhone 4 is running hotter after installing this app and the hack. Anyone else experiencing this? I just killed all the other background apps, we’ll see what happens

  • Rob

    App’s been removed from the app store 🙁

  • gary

    anyone make it works at iOS 3.1.3 ???

    app always crashing (v1.2.1)

    i managed install the old version. however this trick didn’t work.

  • SoCoMagNuM

    app crashes for me also. never had the chance to try it out.

    i miss snappy. worked on my 3g back in 3.1.2 days…instant startup and used volume to snap photos. doesnt work on iOS4.X. im still rocking 4.0 though. dont feel the need to update unless something major happenes.

  • rdubb

    Wow. They have taken it out of the app store. Wish I could try it out.