Some quick stats for you about the UltraSn0w unlock for iPhone. According to the Dev Team, UltraSn0w was used to unlock 784,974 iPhones within the last 5 days. That’s huge! Wondering what countries are the largest users of UltraSn0w? Have a look at the numbers above. USA is #1, followed by China and Germany.

  • Z

    That’s just wrong! Apple should kiss dev team’s feet for ultrasnow. That’s almost 1 mil phones that would not have been purchased if it wasn’t for jailbreak. Dev team has THE power! If they stop upgrading ultrasnow with every update, imagine the influence on sales? And what’s gonna happen to all those 784,974 iPhones and their users? Dev team, I’m scared to even think about what you guys can do to apple =)

  • Goofygreek

    Just goes to show you how much people really like iPhones. Hey apple get the hint. Unlock all iPhones and your sales will blow your roof off.

    • Z

      So true!

  • Marcelo Brazil

    I am Wondering how they know this exact number… the iphone send any information to DEV TEAM, without our concern??? Thats not good… at all!

    • Z

      It could be a simple download stats

  • Jayy

    Fuck thamuthafuckin B U L L S H I T!!!
    Nice work Dev Team. OUTRO*

  • SillyBear

    Why the hell are people unlocking their phones in Canada? Hahaha

  • I wonder what is the number for those iphone users who are using Ultrasn0w in Malaysia?

    In Malaysia, you can find both software unlocked (Ultrasnow) and factory unlocked (can be purchased via Maxis and Digi). I guess in Canada, it’s the same scenario. So, nothing funny about it.

  • New

    Pleas help I need to use my iPhone 3gs in Europe useing there sim card,how to jailbreak and unlock my phone
    MB model 3.1.3 and 7.12.01 plese help thank you