The title says it all folks. One recent night, I was about to plug-in my iPhone 4, and I did my usual check of battery life before the USB went in. For the day, I had spent about 7 hours on my favorite toy. Sure this included some iPod time in the car, and of course the research “work” I must do for my role here at iDB. However it seemed like an awful lot of my time eaten up by my “phone”. Of course this is what Apple likes to hear, and I know I’m kind of enthralled by the device, but how does this compare?

My use has certainly gone up from that of my 3GS, however the experience is more enjoyable. I can’t be the only one who gets “lost” in his Retina Display. My use of camera/photo apps has seen the biggest hike, largely due to the screen and camera combo. Is this the trend, or am I that big of a geek?

What does your usage entail, and how many hours per day does your settings app reveal to you? I’m not so much interested in battery life as I am in where your battery life goes. So step up, and let us know in the comments what is you do on that iPhone of yours, and for how long each typical day. Now, back to mine I go.

  • Jon Garrett

    Ive been married for a little over 2 months now and already my wife is telling me to turn off the computer and put down the phones (we have 2 iphone 4;s) and come to bed.

    we (the users) done realize how much time we spend with our gadgets but the people around us do.

  • Jason masters

    I’d rather sleep with my iPhone 4 than my wife !!!!!!

    • Vik071

      No problem. I’ll take your wife… 😉

    • Z

      How about both? My wife on one side, my iWife on the other lol

  • Tg

    Most of my time is spent testing or playing games. Or surfing the net including idb :). Oh and pr0n haha

    • Tg

      Oops texting, not testing! Love auto complete

  • Andrew

    I use mine all day…even when I’m pooping, like right now!

  • SoCoMagNuM

    i do realize that i use this phone alot. i think only time im not using it is while im physically working, sleeping or in the shower. my phone stays with me at all times though but thats not just cause the iphone…ive done that with all my phones. its just a thing i have…

  • Ifonechip

    My iPhone is at my side at all time and I share my blood supply with it lol

  • Rainrose


  • bebe087

    Way too much time. I’m always on fb, twitter, and words with friends. My husband says I’m glued to my phone.

    • Z

      Great! We have a case of a husband complaining! Right on girl! Is your husband not interested in the phone? Keep it away from him! =)

  • Angi

    Too much…yet still not enough. Just like you!

  • Oliverf

    I use my phone all the time. My usage hasn’t increased much since upgrading from 3GS but that’s only because there’s not more time in my day.

  • cMc

    My wife used to call it my mistress, but now calls it my fetus (because the umbilical cord/ ear buds are always connecting us together).

  • SillyBear

    I’m on the toilet at work and I’m using it. Funny enough the guy two stalls over is as well. I just heard that distinctive lockscreen sound.

  • Samball

    I let my wife decide the name of our newborn if she would let me buy an iPhone 4…

  • steve

    Is there an app or something to see just how many hours of your life have been spent on the iphone?