How many times have we heard this before? According to TechCrunch and “sources with knowledge of this entire situation”, Apple has submitted a large order to Qualcomm for millions of units of their CDMA chipsets for a Verizon iPhone run due in December.


Verizon CEO is going to do the keynote for CES in January next year so it would be convenient to announce they are getting the iPhone then. But realistically, I still don’t believe the hype. I still think we won’t see a Verizon iPhone anytime in 2011.

What do you think?

  • Eric

    Who cares verizon is gay and so is CDMA I love having a sim card I can just swap out anytime to a new phone and not have to call to have it activated or anything plus I have all my contacts that were on my sim!

  • Well we know that At&t exclusivity is about to run out, and Apple at this point has to make the iPhone available for other carriers if they want to combat the Android threat.

  • William

    theirs millions of people waiting for the iphone to hit version and when it does im gonna jump onto the verizon iphone right away and buy it. Theres no way that im going to ever get a Iphone on any other carrier other then version.

  • Burge

    Please for give the ignorance but what is the big deal with verizon. Iam from the UK and over here and sim will work with any phone as long as it’s unlocked. I just wonted to know because it’s seems that when it comes to networks the only networks that are talked about on this site are US networks.
    This is not a dig at this site I just wont to know

  • Colten

    @burge the big deal is mostly due to in the US we only have two carreirs that have sim cards. AT&T and t-mobile. So for apple to go to verzion, which yes would increase their sales, they would have to remake the iPhone to work with verzions CDMA network. But apple has a contract with AT&T only which I due believe it should be up next year I think. Honestly I probably will switch to verzion if they get the iPhone cuz AT&T took away my unlimited data and this 2GB a month us bull crap. I’m already 10 days into my first billing cycle and have already hit 90% of data usage. Screw AT&T!!

  • Burge

    @ colten
    Thanks for that !

  • My friend’s Verizon motorola saved our asses from being stuck behind a forest service gate with a broken lock, while my iphone was a paperweight.

    I can’t wait for Verizon to come.