We’d seen this before for the iPhone 3G and 3Gs so it’s all natural this awesome skin has been made available for the iPhone 4.

This original skin will turn the back of your iPhone 4 into a Game Boy. I would never put this on my iPhone but I think it’s a really cool geeky product.

They run for $9.95 at Zapstatic, but they’re unfortunately out of stock for the time being.

[French iPhone]

  • Oscar14A


  • Jason masters

    If it were gay it be half cool this is just lame lol!

  • Jayy

    I think it’s dope and apparently so do alot of other people, or it wouldn’t be out of stock.

  • Zmbieapocalypse

    That’s rad as hell, y’all r gay ha!

  • Lee ingham

    Thats proper gay looking who but a 10 year old would want that on there fone tottally rubbish

  • Bradford Goodwin

    I dont think todays 10 year olds know what a “game boy” is. Everyone who ever owned one of these when it came out is 30 now