While iDB reported on a rumor regarding an early iPhone 5 release yesterday, I feel a further-ado to its idiocy is warranted. So many questions come to head at the very sound of this. To start, we look no further than eligibility. If this were to come out under AT&T, who could buy it? Most everyone who wanted an iPhone 4, either bought or ordered one, which reset their upgrade date. I know I don’t speak alone when I say I’d be royally ticked off if a newly designed iPhone was released, and I wasn’t eligible for subsidized pricing.

The rumor in question states that similar features would be included, however the antenna would be placed differently, and a 64GB model would be offered. Say What? Not only would the “problem that isn’t a problem” be fixed, but just to add insult to injury, the capacity would be doubled? This would completely negate everything Apple said and “did”, concerning the antenna. If you thought the original issue was a PR director’s bad dream, this fiasco would be a nightmare.

Where do these stories come from? You may say I’m adding to the fire by passing it along, however I’m just the messenger, so please refrain from shooting me. The absurd nature of suggesting that Apple would alienate its most loyal patrons is impossible to wrap my head around. And trust me, I have a big head.

Some would say that if Apple could just make everyone who bought the iPhone eligible early, the problem is solved. The problem is that the eligibility isn’t up to Apple, at all. AT&T is paying these subsidies, which means that with every iPhone sold, Apple is collecting full price. I don’t think AT&T is just going to say, “Oh, you made a mistake guys? It’s cool, we’ll dish out the difference again”. Do you? The iPhone owners I know would buy the model in question, if at all possible. Some would find a way, even it wasn’t (financially) possible.

So bring it on Apple. Give us an iPhone 5 in January. Then see what happens to (what’s left) of the mainstream opinion you have of yourself, regarding the iPhone release. If they do release a CDMA version of the iPhone 4 for Verizon, and do it before their usual June parade, making it technologically superior to the previous model would be a disaster. Every iPhone owner under AT&T would have a valid resentment. Do I think it will happen? Not for a minute. But I probably would (begrudgingly) buy it. Would you? Let me know in the comment box, and stay tuned to iDB for future possible rants from me.

  • Mac

    Sibastinos warap boy
    I m 100 % is going to happen
    But don’t be upset just sell your i4 and buy
    The i5.apple is waiting to sell all their iphone4
    after that they will make iPhone 5 and release it early .

    • Austin

      I think that apple and AT&T should allow all iPhone 4 owners to trade in their phone for equal value of the iPhone 5 without having to renew contract

  • joe

    why would they made one now made a good one and release it at xmas

  • Maglor

    I think that I would drop the Apple for once…

  • chris

    You must wait 18 months for an upgrade. I upgraded to the 3GS last summer and I could not buy an iPhone 4 at the subsidized price, I must wait until next year. So not everyone who wanted the iPhone 4 was able to purchase one. Also.. I don’t think I would purchase an iPhone 4 if i could for the following: 1. Antenna issues. 2. Same size flash drives as previous model. No matter when the release the 5, I will wait.

  • chris


  • An early release of iPhone 5? Sounds plausible. But I’m not certain it’s going to be called iPhone 5. I would think something like iPhone 4S or something of the sort is more plausible. Unless they want to invent an entire new phone.

  • Stevew

    A Christmas/early January update is perfectly acceptable.

    You can’t expect Apple to cater to your needs. It has to react to the market situation. How many other mobile phone manufacturers behave like Apple with regards to upgrading?

    You buy the phone because it serves your needs and you are willing to buy into the contract restrictions imposed by the carrier to qualify for a subsidy or you pay the full price.

    I bought a 2000 dollar iMac in December and it has just been updated nicely with the new offering but I’m not complaining.

    I don’t have an iPhone because where I live I would be forced into a long contract and would have to pay for data plans that I don’t want. I’m not biting and nor are a hell of a lot of other people. Maybe one day Apple will get the message that for every iPhone it sells, it loses various sales to other potential customers who end up buying from competitors.

    If you buy into a deal that doesn’t completely convince you then you are playing into Apple’s hands. They got your money and your carrier has you trapped.

  • blockhead

    excellent… skip the iPhone 4 and monster upgrade to iPhone 5!

  • Jon Garrett

    Im more than happy with my iPhone 4 so any release of an iphone 5 sooner than say two years from now would not find its way onto my AT&T account.

    to re-release the iphone 4 calling it an iphone 5 (just because of an antennae fix and more storage) would not be good for Apple.

    besides, who would actually be stupid enough to dump their i4 for a so-called iphone 5?

  • Zer

    me 🙂

  • ghettocowboy

    iPhoney 5 = iPhoney 4 except the fixed antenna issue.

    Awesome marketing strategy

  • Aian

    Don’t be mad. Apple need to fix that antennna and release the phone no later than the end of this year. As bad as I want to have a iPhone 4, I’m going to wait till that version come out. If you can’t wait and decided to be happy with the current iPhone 4 then that’s the price you have to pay. Just like when I bought my 3G. The 3GS came out a few months later with recording camera. Apple will release the new version of iphone 4 at the end of this year. And those who already got the iPhone 4 would just be mad like those who got the 3G when they released 3Gs

  • Luis Martinez

    Why is Apple limited to one refresh per year? You see new android phones every few months. If the iPhone model starts falling behind they should be free to do what is good for business. I doubt this is true though.

  • thats so SWEET!!!!! hope they release it soon, so i can get a cheap iphone 4 on ebay!!!!

  • VnABC

    My upgrade eligible is Jan 2011, it’s perfect time for me to get the iPhone 5 🙂

  • Jon Garrett

    some of you are really dumb anticipating an iphone 5 when the iphone 4 is just 2 months old.

    if apple released an i-Cock, how many of you would run out and buy one (just because it was released by Apple)

  • Brett

    The external antenna “problem” was overblown. Apple doesn’t “need” to fix it. “Touch of Death” be damned, iPhone 4s continue to fly off the shelves.

    That being said, to the extent that adverse publicity has created FUD in the minds of some potential consumers, Apple could conceivably revert to an internal antenna in a future version of the iPhone. I doubt they would rush the release of a new phone design. If and when they do so, it would not necessarily be an admission of an actual problem, but only a response to the perception of one

  • Burge

    I’ll take the iPhone 5 in White or will that not be available for months after, just in time for the iPhone 6 in June

  • VnABC

    @Burge lol

  • Bannana Joe

    That’s why I stuck with my 3GS since I didn’t see any worth on buy the iPhone 4, poor people that buy something in the rush. I’m the kind of guy that prefers wait over buy the latest in technology.

  • Andrew

    Don’t worry buddy, no way in hell this will happen.

  • Ned

    Agrees with Stevew, Ethan quit being a whiny doucher, motorola releasing droid incredible, x and soon to be droid 2 within like 5 months or something of each other and theres no sign of them alienating their loyal fan base, they actually are improving, so why shouldn’t apple be able to release a antenna fixed iphone 4 with slight technological improvements you effin baby

  • Ned: My opinion is based off Apple’s past behavior of 1 device per year. By going against its public opinion that the phone is fine, by releasing a modified phone, would be the alienation I was referring too. Apple can do whatever they wish, but their actions should match their words.

  • If Apple releases an iPhone 5 before the end of January 2011 I’ll be mighty annoyed. Especially if the main reason for the release is to fix the antenna issue. Right there it shows there is an issue with the iPhone 4 and it is more serious than Apple has made it out to be. They should offer iPhone 4 owners the ability to trade in their iPhone 4 for an iPhone 5, maybe with a modest upgrade fee, like $99.