If you were asked how much you paid for your iPhone, I suspect the common answer, (contract free phones aside), would be either $200-300 plus tax, depending on the capacity you opted to purchase. After politely hanging up on Best Buy today after I was told I would have to pay $13 to have an already $30 InvisibleShield “installed”, I started thinking. About what you ask? I got to thinking how much cash has just my current iPhone 4 cost me, in the 6 weeks or so I’ve owned it.

I went with the 32GB model for the logic stemming from the “it’s better to have unused space than too little space” module. So let us take a quick tally type glance at how much my iPhone 4 has really cost me, so far:

  • iPhone 4 + tax+ upgrade fee – $330
  • Applications/Music since launch day – $125
  • Belkin Vue Grip Case – $25
  • 2 generic cases from Hong Kong – $8
  • Car charger + cable to plug into the Mazda 3 – $40
  • 2 months worth of data (petty, but real) – $60

Total: $588

Now, I didn’t include my monthly AT&T bill simply because I would have a phone of some sort, even if it wasn’t an iPhone. This comes to an average of $100 per week thus far! Don’t worry, I know there are readers here who paid more than just to walk out of the store with their current iPhone. However just like it is with them, it’s all personal choice. No one, (that I’m aware of) has ever been “forced” at gunpoint to buy an iPhone and its accessories. That would be a pretty far-out stick-up though.

So, how much as your current iPhone cost you since you bought it? Obviously if I went off the numbers of my 3GS, the number would be much steeper (& painful). Nevertheless, post your numbers in the comment box if you dare see what your precious piece of history has cost you.

  • I am scared to answer this. $199 for 3G (with 3 year contract at $50 month). $100 in cases (finally settling on awesome Kate Spade model). $49 on 3 useless shields that I know longer use. Probably $75 in apps. $349 on wireless iPod touch to keep my husband and children away from MY phone. $20 extra in monthly charges to obtain voice services and double data (now at 1000MB).

    Will pay $499 for upgrade to iPhone 4 next month (which means more cases!)

    Is it all worth it?

    You bet! (for everything else, there’s MasterCard! Or VISA, or AMEX…)

  • ….ok, that was supposed to be, “…no longer use”. I am a bit dumb when commenting from iPhone..

  • Nanci: I knew people would be a bit apprehensive to look at their own spending regarding their iPhone love. I was too! But like a car, the purchase price is only the beginning it seems!

  • Ethan,

    The flip side is how much money it saves me. We have the SONOS wireless system in our home and the remote was $399 but the app on the iPhone (which is amazing!) was FREE.
    We were also able to purchase a furnace fir our remote cabin that can be controlled remotely with (you guessed it) a free app. This means we can arrive in the middle of winter to a warm house and if we forget to turn it down after leaving, we can do it remotely with the iPhone.

    These two apps alone are worth what I’ve paid so far and I still get to have tons of fun and productivity with 50 other apps.

    All good!

    • Nanci-
      I agree fully. If you factor the fact I’ll never need another camera or video recorder the value sky rockets even more. Are there some devices that have a feature here or a feature there that I’d like? Yes. However no device does so much, so smoothly.

  • David T

    -75$ I sold my 3GS for $425. I bought my iPhone 4 for $350. Apple then decided to give free cases ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Derrick

      How did you get so much for the 3gs?

  • Derrick

    Over the last 2 years I spent about $125 on apps/games. I think if I didn’t spend money on games I would spend it on other games/systems. iTunes needs a refund option, even if it only lasts like 15 minutes after you buy it. Shitty apps are shit

    I don’t have Internet at my house and rely on tethering 100%. So I maybe save some money there. I would spend like 50 on cable

    • J Midz

      I couldn’t agree more on the app refund option, it doesn’t take long to realise an app is worth no where near what you’ve paid for it so even the short refund time frame you mention would work.

  • KinGz

    I bought my iphone 4 32gb for 140.00 off craigslist and it came with a black bumper from apple retails 29.99.

  • futurama_8b

    Ebay, i guess

  • I don’t want to scare you guys but my iPhone 4 cost me $742.69 http://www.iphonedownloadblog.com/2010/06/16/iphone-4-will-cost-me/

    I wasn’t eligible for upgrade so I had to pay the full price… Ouch

    • JusFaulk

      I ordered an iPhone 4 at the AT&T store yesterday. I didn’t have an upgrade so they said it would be $399 but then the girl that works there seen that I had and upgrade on another line and I got it for $199. She said she will switch it to my line when it comes in next week.

  • dan


    Craigslist purchases:
    1. 3Gs 16 gb jb/carrier unlocked 4 iOS = $280
    2. 3Gs 32 gb locked 4 iOS = $200 — thanks to team dev, now jb/carrier unlocked!

    Both run on TMO and used for third party carriers when traveling overseas

  • David T

    Damn. Even when not eligible it was still $399 if you signed a new two year agreement. Sell on eBay I think jb and unlocking increases value.

  • Z

    When upgrading from 3GS to iphone4, does apple/AT&T take the 3GS away from you?

  • In Canada Rogers confirmed that they do NOT take the phone away from you. They said, “you paid for it, it’s yours to keep”. That being said in order to qualify for the $499 iPhone 4, I had to restart my 3 year contract again. No jailbreak for me!

    Anyone interested in a slightly scratched 3G?!

  • Vik071

    3G 8 Gb = $400 (2 yrs ago)
    $300 credit for the sale of 3G 8 Gb
    $350 for 3GS 16 Gb
    -$50 total expense
    Monthly plan including 150 Mb of data: $47 per month on Fido
    There are certain things in life that are priceless. For everything else, there is kijiji.ca.