Yesterday TUAW reported on an iLounge leak, concerning several possibilities around new iPods, iPads, and yes, an early release of an iPhone 5 type device. Now, even iLounge themselves stated that they think such a device would be “highly unlikely”, however my blood started to boil just thinking of such a scenario. The rumor is that Apple would be releasing the device 6 months earlier than its previous summer cycle.

This would be entirely due to the well documented antenna issue. The speculation doesn’t stop there though. The “story” continues with saying that the likelihood of an “iPhone 4.5” would be more of a possibility. Having the device be similar in design, minus the antenna placement, come in a 64GB model, and run on Verizon‘s CDMA network. Are you getting mad yet?

Let’s be real for a minute. It wasn’t that long ago when rumors of an iPhone Nano were flooding throughout the grapevine. Obviously we know what came of that. I will say that if Apple thinks releasing a bigger capacity, differently placed antenna device designed to run on Verizon as a way to “not disrupt the Apple faithful”, they are sorely misguided. Time will tell if there is any substance to this, but keep your torches handy.

What do you think?

  • Allison

    Omg I hope that it’s BS ! How obnoxious 🙁

  • I don’t believe any of these rumors. I think we won’t see a new iPhone until June 2011.

    • Mac

      I think is going to happen
      Steve job said they will be giving
      Free cases till September
      That why I did not buy iPhone 4
      New phone apple will hide the Smyrna
      So body don t be up set you still
      Can sell your iphone4 and buy new one.

      • Mac

        Smyrna =antenna

  • Burge

    The new iPhone will be the WHITE iphone 4 due out sometime next year

    • Your not buying the “later this year” promise I see 🙂

      • Burge

        Of cause not. I think it might be very back end of this year or early next year. Like the comment below iPhone 4gs in White

  • Ned

    seriously tho, y u mad? sounds like a good idea to me to rush out a improved iphone over the current flawed one, cdma is a plus!

    • Austin

      Ya I’d love to see a new and improved iPhone 4 just months after I spent 300 on a supposedly flawed one, not:(

  • TattoozNTech

    agrees wholeheartedly with Sebastian! the fact that these blogs are even givin these rumors traction makes them look bad…

  • Z

    Lol that’s bs I’m thinking iPhone 4g or 4gs

  • Paul

    Why get mad over a rumour that will probably turn out to be inaccurate at best, and only exists to drive traffic to blogs (No offence!).

  • Lizzie Borden

    Why get mad at all? You purchase a phone, a new version comes out; live with it. If your life revolves around having the latest and greatest, then you will find the cash to purchase a new one. Else you will live quite happily with the old(er) version. Can you hear yourselves talk? This is consumerism at its ugliest!

  • Apple is rumored to launch a new iPhone 5 and 7-inch iPad in early 2011 while three new iPods are supposed to arrive this fall.

  • imad

    this is nothing

  • The model that will be releasesd next year will be called the iPhone 4G. The iPhone 5 is at least 2, if not 3 years off.

  • indu bindu

    iphones are sooo sik cnt wait 2 get 1

  • mark

    if apple switch to verizon i will stay with ATT no matter what, the reason why, no carrier is offering unlimited data, and if i leave att i will have to get a new contract with other carrier and my unlimited data will be down to 2 gb of data only, this is crap!!!!



    • Sherif

      Verizon has unlimited Data too… I hope it comes out early next year or even for christmas. I’ve been hearing about all the trouble with this iPhone, and would rather wait until the next one comes out, which I’m hoping will be sooner rather than later.

  • bob

    what i think is almost sure is that it won’t be out for xmas. they need to get rid of probably massive stock of iphone 4 first.

    Don’t forget, and as much as i am an Apple lover for over 20 years, they are a money making machine.
    You can see that for the past 10 years, Apple has changed in that regards. It seems to be a bit more driven by money than it used to.

    • batman

      Everything is about money today. In Apple’s defense, it just can’t be helped.

  • Random Person

    Ugh! I hope this is false! And what I DESPERATELY WISH Apple would do to the iPod is to put a cooling system in it, so it won’t freaking overheat when I’m playing games or Facebooking! And I bet this is not a problem with just the iPod…I bet with ALL their products! This is why I HATE Apple and I’m glad I jailbroken my iPod! *U(k the agreement! Apple is nothing but a complete 4h013! I hope Microsoft or any company make Apple broke so they can LISTEN to their costumers and NOT their wallets! XP

  • Dead Meat

    Lol who knew that this article would have been 100% correct. I wish I had believed it when I first read it or I would have not bought my Droid X.

  • Anna

    It would be cool if their could be a transparent iphone.☺

  • parmis

    omg is so good I liked