I was reading an article last night about how the vulnerability in iOS could be exploited by hackers to “enslave” the iPhone and how Apple is already looking into it. There sure is an exploit in iOS 4, which is used by JailbreakMe to inject the code to jailbreak your iPhone, but there is also a fix for that, once your iPhone is jailbroken.

Then the irony of the situation stroke me. Hard!

Apple has always been against jailbreaking, and even though it’s now legal, they’re certainly not going to help make the jailbreak process easier. In fact, here is an excerpt from a support document from Apple’s website where they cite examples of issues caused by these unauthorized modifications to the iOS:

Compromised security: Security compromises have been introduced by these modifications that could allow hackers to steal personal information, damage the device, attack the wireless network, or introduce malware or viruses.

In this case the irony is that iOS is vulnerable out of the box and only jailbreaking and installing a patch makes your iPhone safer, at least until Apple updates iOS and fixes this issue.

So much for your safety net, Apple. It seems that unlike what you’re telling me, my iPhone is actually safer once jailbroken.

What do you think?

  • Dadditude

    I love it. Hadn’t really thought about it that way, but it’s a very valid point.

  • Takean

    “It seems that unlike what you’re telling me, my iPhone is actually safer once jailbroken.”

    You wont hear that on from them though…lol.

    And I LOVE that picture….lmao!!!


    That’s what we’ve been saying the last few days. “your at a risk of hackers stealing your information whether your jailbroken or not” There’s only one way to not be at risk, and that’s to jailbreak your iPhone and go download the PDF in Cydia to fix it.

  • Jon Garrett

    I find it ironic that iOS4 included a lot of features that was only available through jailbreaking.

    – multitasking: backgrounder (which by the way is “real” multitasking and not just app switching”)
    – folders: categories
    – SMS counter: SMS helper
    – battery percentage: SBSettings
    – home screen wallpaper: winterboard

    Apple just dont get it, jailbreaking only makes a great product better.

  • Irha

    Nice pitch for jailbreaking! If major news organizations run a story pitching the same view point, jailbreaking might get a lot more mainstream.

  • RG

    I actually said that very same thing to my husband yesterday….it’s so funny really. 🙂 Too bad Apple won’t admit it though.

  • Dracossaint

    This is ironic oh not to metion firewall ip app,the security is preety good when ya do that as well what’s the name of the security patch if you please.

  • Ironic indeed.
    I never see Apple loosening their attitudes on Jailbreaking.

  • Socomagnum

    As far as multitasking..i like the way apple does it. I do wish you can chose which apps you like to stay queued instead of every app you open. Backgrounder was nice but it used to drain my battery fast even when i didnt have apps running in the background. Apples way is basically saving “application states” kinda like save states on emulators. Not all apps support it but it doesnt kill the battery like backgrounder did. That just my opinion though.

  • The patch I am using is called PDF Loader Warner, the strange thing is now when I goto the Apple clock the Loader pops up the ‘Load or Cancel” warning… Apple was prop using the same exploit to load their clocks

  • thefallen

    Has Apple been able to realize that jailbreaking make iDevices more popular?? And safer now of course…

  • It’s in the Cydia store, when will Frash begin the Cydia store? And if you restore a jailbroke phone and take to the Apple store can they tell I had been modified? I took a wet phone in the store In 07 and they looked down the headphone jack and saw a pink dot and told me the phone got wet at some point then charged me full price for a new one, doooah

  • Dracossaint

    No on the fact that rather or not they can tell if idevice has been jb if ya have restored it,also on frash ya should ask @ievolition on twiter he knows about it but think it’s ipad only right now sadly ,but in meantime I recomend cloud browser ,it runs flash and in regular app store ,(cloud web browser basicly) and it’s free ,also on water damage they have better policys now only a 100$ fee now and turn in old phone and they’ll give you a replacement

  • Dracossaint

    Oh yeah that’s for @postfreelance

  • The situation with Apple is certainly ironic; the picture, however, is not…