Well I didn’t see this coming after the supposed hangups with iTunes regarding “minimal” access through the cloud. Gizmodo reports that a fellow by the name of Michael Robertson has discovered streaming capabilities of your iTunes library through iDisk. Public sharing between devices with iDisk has been possible for a while, but never streaming in the background, until now. To those who aren’t hip to the MobileMe features, iDisk is the online based storage that is included with the $99 annual fee.

Here’s your formula:

Drag your songs, one by one, or folder by folder, into your iDisk. There is no playlist support as of now, though this writer thinks that feature is an inevitable reality. Right now iDisk has a 20GB maximum, so you big spenders, (or less than ethical gatherers), will have to be selective in the songs you want shared/streamed.

Having tested this myself, I’ll say that it works flawlessly over Wi-Fi. Like I previously stated, the MobileMe service is $99 a year, which includes the apps it offers. Those of you with 3G service, let me know in the comment box how it works over the network. Enjoy!

  • Burge

    I know that this does not belong here but is anyone having weird thing going on with there iPhone after jailbreakme sofar the time on the satus bar has fucked up and just now safari has gone from my springboard and I carnt see it anywhere ..
    As I said at the start I know that this doesn’t belong here , but this is the site that has got a good variety of readers and someone might be able to help me .

    • Hey Burge,

      I haven’t had any similar issue so far. My i4 is running smooth after using JailbreakMe.

      I think this topic would be more relevant in the forum, where everyone can chime in http://www.iphonedownloadblog.com/forum/


      • Burge

        Thanks seb I’ll give it ago

  • applebits66

    **note** Not sure when, why, or the like…. but I lost my iPod icon a week or two ago. iPod is still on my phone, but I had to set my home button to open it with the double tap thing. And I have not used the JailBreakMe yet.

    • Burge

      To bring it back go to reset and reset icons, that’s how I got safari back

  • Bico

    Go to your settings page and see if you activated restrictions on the iPod itself. Hope this helps.

  • thefallen

    Funny… that was one of my fav wallpapers…

  • charles

    Where did you get that wallpaper? Its so nice