InfiniFolders is a new application that lets you add unlimited icons to your folders. Currently you are limited to 12 apps per folder but InfiniFolders will lift this restriction and allow you to have unlimited icons in each folder.

Very similar to InfiniBoard, you can access your apps inside folders through a flick up and down.

InfiniFolders is available in Cydia for $1.99. It was developed by Chpwn, one of my favorite jailbreak app developer, who previously brought us InfiniBoard and InfiniDock.

Let us know how you like InfiniFolders if you choose to download it.

  • Love it, simple as just need infinidock compatible and I can start creating my theme again lol.

  • zeb

    Cool Works great on my iPhone 4. I hoping at some point they will make it so you can put Folders into other Folders..Surely its only a matter of time

  • So I bought this and installed it and it messed up all my Icons, completely random, Rebooting or Respring does no difference.
    Removing the application will restore all icons to what was before installing.
    And rearranging it after installing makes it difficult since I have some 10 pages more than is visible so a lot of my icons are out of visibility and can not be arranged on the iPhone.
    And I for some reason can’t use iTunes to arrange them either, since what is shown there is not what i Have on the iPhone, not after uninstalling either.

    Oh and I also purchased Infinidock in the past, and since updating to iOS4, this one also messes up the icons same as Infinifolders.

    Cool apps, but broken.

  • Pn2bade

    the folders loading a tad slower for me. It takes about .8 second to load any of them on my iPhone 4.

  • Suevans

    I have the exact same problem as Eldaria. I also have apps only up to the letter n. I did try chucking my stuff in folders and then syncing and it put the rest of my apps back individually. So is the answer to just reorganize them? Or is there an easier alternative?

  • I started reorganizing by putting stuff into folders, and then respring to get the rest, but then I thought, what if later the “bug” gets fixed and it restores my original settings, that I might no longer want.
    So for now I again restored my phone from backup, and decided to wait for a while until the bugs are ironed out.

  • Infinifolders currently crashes iTunes 10. The developer, chpwn, is aware of the issue. says fix will be out in a few days…

  • Yes “infinifolder” version 1.3-4 has bug which respiring your iPhone once you goanna access this tweak. Update with latest version hope that will works good…