I have a confession to make that might put my Fanboy status in jeopardy. I wasn’t part of the iPhone click until the iPhone 3G veiled its beautiful body to us. It’s a humbling revelation that I feel necessary to share. I have only been able to enjoy the iPhone with the App Store available. Having done my share of downloading and reviewing, (72 apps on my iPhone 4 today), I often wonder if I have maximized the potential that the App Store can cultivate.

It took me quite a while to break down and purchase paid applications. Probably too long. When I started adding iTunes credit to my account, it was if I was the conductor of entirely different ship. A much nicer ship.

I first hit apps which reflected the interests related to my lifestyle. Engadget, ESPN Radio, Echofon, Words with Friends, Tiger Woods, and those similar were the first to gain spots on my device. Then I gathered productivity enhancing apps like Docs 2 GO, Rowmote Pro, iStudiez, etc… Eventually I dabbled in games that already exist in “real life”, then branched out to highly rated selections. I will admit I’m not much of a gamer, though I do enjoy a challenge as much as the next guy, (like eating 4 saltines in 60 seconds, minus water).

After a couple of years of wonderful, (and sometimes expensive) experiences, I noticed that the zealous downloading had subsided a bit. Don’t get me wrong, the App Store is the single most important piece of the iPhone puzzle in my opinion. The ability to allow and include anybody with the ability and knowledge to develop, is a beautiful thing. My expectations are high, thus the reason behind the words you read. Does this leveling off of sorts include you?

I believe Apple has headed in the right direction with adding featured genres and categories now each week. I can honestly say it helps with both navigation, as well as keeping my wandering brain matter excited; believe me, this in itself can be a full-time job. Posting “Apps of the week” is another good utilization on Apple’s part, though I might suggest adding a category-based App of the Week couldn’t hurt.

All in all for the size of and population that App Store is, my concerns are very few. Let’s not forget that most every credible source states that Apple’s App Store is far ahead of any of its competitors. Perhaps my sometimes stagnant perception of the selection, is just simply the usual calming down effect that happens after a kid gets a new toy. Like that Tickle Me Elmo that has been sleeping under your kids bed for 2 years, untouched.

Let me know if you appetite is as intense as it once was. If not, there’s always White Castle.

  • Jason masters

    This story moved me to tears I too shared the joy of AppStore browsing….. That is till instalouss came along and twisted and perverted me now I hide in shadows and silently install cracked ipas and cringe with fear of being caught by father apple…… Lol I should be an editor here huh I’ll do it for free scouts honor.

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  • I don’t know; haven’t really lost my appetite for the app store, nor has it dimmed since becoming an iphone user. I got my first Apple product February of this year and have continued to face excitement. What keeps me intrigued about it is the community that surrounds the store, sort of like the vast distributions of Linux. Everyday I meet someone new who uses a different app, so I figure why not give it a shot. Once using it I am opened to another world of possibilites. Thats what keeps my interest into the world of apps.

  • Burge

    I’ve gone through the same as you. But I started with the first iPhone. And hen jailbreaking first started I thought it could not get better, then all of a sudden the app store was there, going through the first apps and downloading any thing i liked the sound of. And the well know app * Iam rich* which I didn’t download . And the there it was in cydia and I downloaded from there. And yes I’ve done the ipa thing. I still go through the app store but not as much, it’s starting to get filled with the same apps that do the same thing as for cydia that gets a look at eveyday , and I’ve done that since it first came on my iPhone

  • Demetrius: I firmly agree that the AppStore is what makes the iPhone unreachable today.

  • Socomagnum

    Installous doesnt work for me. Says it doesnt exist anymore on the app (2.5)

  • @socomagnum you must update your Cydia firmware. That message means “Installous” is no longer supported on the Cydia 2.5 firmware. Someone correct me if I’m wrong. I recommend posting that issue here:http://www.iphonedownloadblog.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=5. It’s a more suited page for your question and there are more users to help with this issue, along with others who may have this same problem.