AppSync 4.1 is now available for download for iPhone iOS 4.1.

AppSync 4.1 will work with iOS 4.1, 4.0.1 and iOS 4.0. To download and install, you must first add as a new source in Cydia, then look for AppSync 4.1.

AppSync for iOS 4.2 is now available. Look it up on Cydia. It will work with iOS 4.2.1 on iPhone, iPad, and iTouch.

Disclaimer: This is for information purposes only. iDB condemns iPhone app piracy. If you want an application, please pay for it!

  • appletiser

    well further to my original comment to say that German’s method works, which it did, for some reason my Installous’d apps are being deleted again when i sync 🙁

    so far the only fix i’ve found is:

    Download DiskAid

    Open iTunes, disable auto sync

    Navigate to Library/Apps

    Connect device, do not sync, and open DiskAid

    Navigate to Root/User/Documents/Installous/Downloads

    a list of installed .ipa’s should be present

    double click on whichever .ipa you want, it will then be added to the iTunes apps library

    Sync your device to install and they should no longer be deleted whenever you sync.

    As i said so far, this has prevented my .ipa’s from being removed when i sync to iT

    Hope this is of help.

    • thanks! – this is the first fix i’ve come across that actually works.

      • Nouman

        Truly it works but the application at pc are not shifting to iPhone while its showing

  • SOO

    So I installed appsync 4.0 and then I installed installous on my iphone 3Gs, new bootrom, firmware 4.0.1.

    But when I go to installous, everytime I push the “download” button on any app, it takes me to the information on all the people who cracked the app. In short, the apps don’t get installed. What should I do? Does anyone know?

    I jailbroke my device, using in the device itself.

  • moutaz

    your method with Diskaid on my iphone 3Gs, new bootrom, firmware 4.0.1

  • rob

    hi German i did the same as SOO but the only difference is when i click on ‘search’ it comes up with API UNAVAILABLE and doesn’t let me download anything. i downloaded and followed the steps, downloaded installous. everything was smooth until when i try to download the apps. i then removed and tried installing bt doesn’t let me. it says ‘cached failed’ and ‘sub-process/bin/bzip2 returned an error code (2)’. pleaseee help. thanks.

  • blah

    SOO: “But when I go to installous, everytime I push the “download” button on any app, it takes me to the information on all the people who cracked the app. In short, the apps don’t get installed. What should I do? Does anyone know?”

    Would you happen to have Frash installed? If you do it makes Installous not work when you attempt to download the files.

  • Na

    hi Blah, you need to go installous –> settings –> turn on “Install automaically”. 100% will work 🙂 enjoy

  • this source work for me at first when i press download for a game it would just send me to apple store to buy it know it works when i add the sorce

  • hugo

    i have the same problem..than wz..have appsync4.0.1 anda .app files sync in itunes and doesn´t work

  • wodam735

    it wont let me sync to itunes… its just deleting my cracked apps… please help!!!

  • Gregor Clegane

    I have the iphone 3g 4.1 firmware, jailbroke with Redsn0w. I installed installous and downloaded a couple apps. The apps say they installed but when I go to the springboard they are not there. Any ideas?

  • WJ

    Hey does anyone knows how to solve this issue? It will be GREATLY appreciated . =DDD

    I have itunes 10 and iOS 4.1 running on iphone4 with AppSync installled.

    But, i cannot sync installous apps . Whenever i click on ‘transfer’ on the popup ‘ some items that were not in itunes but in iphone was detected’ , it always fails with another popup mentioning that i am not authorized. But i have already authorized my laptop !!!! * at my wits end *

  • Ica

    After coaming the internet after my problem, Im reduced to write it here…and I need SERIOUS help.
    I have a JB iPhone 3G running OS 4.1 and iTunes 10. Ok so I synced my phone b4 installing os4.1 since I knew it was going to delete all my apps that I fixed. But when I try to sync them back I get a msg that “some” of my apps could not be installed. These are ofc my cracked apps. I also have an app thats not from Installous or anything that Im trying to get on my iPhone, I just get the same msg.
    Now a few facts: yes i have tryed to reinstall the phone.
    yes, I have appsync for os 4.1 (resinstalled that too)
    and yes its JB

    So anything else anyone needs to know before trying to give me a handy walkthrough please just ask. Do you have the same problem? please tell me.
    Do you have a sollution?!?!?!? WRITE IT PLEASE!!!!!

    Kind regards

  • caca

    My solution to the jailbroken app sync problem:

    – BEFORE you sync your iDevice with iTunes, go and click on “Transfer Purchases” in iTunes
    – after all your JB apps have been transferred, you should then be able to sync without any problem. This works for me!

    • EvP


      OMG I can’t believe that worked. I’ve been searching for hours for a fix of this problem! AppSync didn’t work, I’ve downloaded DiskAid; didn’t work.
      Thanks a lot!!!

  • 3amoory

    How to get installous: (iphone 4 only)
    1.Go to
    2.Download limera1n and click make it ra1n and do what ever the thing says
    3.Open your iphone you will find an app Called CYDIA
    4.Open Cydia
    5.Go to manage
    6.Enter sources
    7.Press edit then add
    8.Type the following in the box
    9.Go to search and type in Installous
    10.Download it and there you go
    11. use it to get free apps and games…etc


    i have a JB ipod touch 4.1 by greenpoison
    weneva i add or
    it says – verifying URL
    then – did not find repository

    wat do i do??

  • Steven

    @3amoory Are you an idiot or just some minor looking for attention? The issues expressed in this discussion regards syncing apps with iTunes acquired by installous. Not on how to get installous!

  • Dalboy

    “Transfer Purchases” in iTunes WORKED FOR ME….
    I had to keep clicking Transfer Purchases about 10 times…now good :
    all apps can now me manually installed

  • Kings

    anybody here experience after jailbreaking iphone 4 on iOS4.2.1 and jailbreak with redsn0w_win_0.9.6rc8 and install appsync 4.2 and installous the phone freeze at the apple logo???

  • Roo

    Hi, guys! Try jailbreaking with Greenpois0n. Helps with the white apple problem.

  • Snowee

    I Installed Installous 4 on my iphone 3G running iOS 4.1 .. But when i click on the icon it shows the API error
    I tried to add the source but it wouldnt work :(((
    PLZ HELP !