Yesterday we told you that the exploit used by JailbreakMe to jailbreak your iPhone was a major security issue as it can download pretty much anything to your iPhone, including some malicious code, via a PDF glitch. We gave you a manual fix but there is now an easier way to patch this bad exploit that puts your iPhone at risk.

You can simply go to Cydia and download PDF Loading Warner. It’s a free app that will display a warning before allowing your iPhone to download a PDF file. This will avoid you being duped by a malicious software.

While this app gives you another layer of security, you’re in no way safe from having your iPhone compromised, at least until Apple officially patches this exploit. On the safe side though, chances of you being hacked are very thin so don’t stress out too much over it.

  • David

    Sebastien: is iPhone 4 vulnerable to this out of the box or only when jailbroken? Why is it easier to get hacked if jailbroken? Thanks…

    • Sandison

      It’s vulnerable out of the box. This jailbreaking process exploits the flaw to accomplish the jailbreak.

  • David

    Then why did Sebastien say that using JailbreakMe puts the phone at risk?

  • Sandison is correct. The iPhone 4 is vulnerable out of the box. JailbreakMe just brought light on to this exploit.

  • Fer

    What about iPod touch 3G?

  • John

    Thanks Sebastein, great forum and keep up the good work.

  • BRS

    What about 3GS?

  • BRS

    Seems like any device that can be jailbroken via Jailbreakme (which is almost all of them) would be vulnerable to this exploit, right? How else would the jailbreak work?

  • Z

    Hackers are more than welcome to take a look at what I got on my phone =) I just hope apple doesn’t patch up the jailbreak with the next update

  • Z

    I don’t get it, PDF is here and Flash is not?

  • Z: My guess is one of the flash hangups is the battery drainage……

  • shaun

    i tried opening a pdf file to check this works, which it did, and i choose the option not to load it. But… it then gave me the option to open in ibooks whilst still in safari web browser. would it be safe to open it in ibooks or could this compromise security in the same way as safari could do?

  • applebits66

    So, yesterday someone posted that this patch messes up the apple clock. Sure enough. I installed this patch, tried to open the clock, and this pdf warning pops up…over and over. Regardless of my telling it to cancel or accept. Just kept warning me.
    Finally just uninstalled the patch.
    I reported this bug to the dev.
    Has anyone else experienced this?

    • Sandison

      Just tried it and had the same result. Never noticed because I only use the alarm portion of Clock. It must use Webkit and a PDF somehow to update the times. Hopefully they can limit it to appropriate apps.

  • applebits66

    @ Sandison – I couldn’t even get the clock app to actually open, so even attempting to modify an alarm on it won’t happen. I do have another j/b alarm app that is much better, so not a huge deal. But a bug is a bug…needs to be squashed! ­čśë

  • Jeremy

    Has PDF Loading Warner been pulled from Cydia because of the clock bug? I just looked for it and can’t find it…

  • Very usefull, known about tool for about a week tho lol

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