Many of you who tried to jailbreak your iPhone using JailbreakMe have encountered this issue where the phone gets stuck on the purple screen and nothing happens. At first we thought JailbreakMe was down or something but the problem actually comes from a cache issue on your iPhone!

The fix is pretty simple:

  • Go to Settings > Safari > Clear History, Clear Cookies, Clear Cache
  • Reboot your iPhone
  • Try again

If it still doesn’t work, go through this cleaning process again but this time use instead of

It worked great for me and many others. Tell us how it works for you.

  • Justin

    Yup, tried that, but still no joy on iPad 3G running 3.2.1.

  • Nick

    Yep. Worked. Also had issues this AM with no carrier settings & Internet but updating the cydia worked, rebooted and all back to normal … Good job! Thx!

  • Darthjitsu

    Tried this and it finally worked again, thanks guys!!

  • Craig

    Worked Great. Used the Thanks

  • sleeplessdwarf

    I was happy to wake and see the jailbrake. I read all the issues but I went ahead anyway. Glad to say as of now, there was no glitches at all. Finally got my old jb apps back and will never miss read 3g for 3gs again. Thx to the guys who made the break.

  • Jaypeso

    Tried this and it didnt work on my 3gs. I used the as well. But Im guessing since it worked on my ipod touch then its something w the phone. Will a restore on the phone work?

  • Wald

    I actually think the server is down now. It says ‘cant connect to host’ or something like that on both my iphones.

  • Tumani

    If the cydia icon installs does this mean the jailbreak worked

  • Tumani

    …and after the phone is jail broken how can you unlock it

  • Wald

    Yes, and install ultrasn0w

  • Thien

    Yeah, jailbreakme has worked for every piece of hardware I have except the iPad 3g. It has worked on iPhone 4, iPhone 3gs, iPhone 3g, iPod touch, and iPad wifi. So far it supports everything except iPad 3g and I hope they realize this or someone else brings it up. For the rest of you, the best solution is to do what Sebastian just said, to clear the cache, restart and try again. Best results are on wifi because its a lot faster, and make sure to go to instead. That site is much more reliable in each of my experiences. Enjoy!

  • Tumani

    wald, do you mind giving me a little more detail about how about to use ultrasnow after installing it. I have an 8g 3g.

    • Joey

      Just go to cydia and search for ultrasnow,install it,n your good to go your phone is unlock

      • Joey

        Once you install it you could use a tmobile sim on your phone

  • Neil

    I get: oops… a server with the specified hostname could not be found.

    I’ve tried both of the sites mentioned. I’m thinking that the domain could just be down.

  • Chris

    11:43 am (m.s.t.), I get the error “Oops… A server with the specified hostname could not be found”

    I can quit or retry. Retry does not work. I’ve tried clearing, History, Cookies, Cache and re-booting, but I get the same error over and over.

    Anyone have any ideas? Anyone been able to jailbreak recently?

    3GS – iOS 4.0.1 (8A306) (Firmware 05.13.04)

  • Weebsurfer

    Same here as Chris said. Issues???? 🙁

  • Chris

    I’m getting the same stupid error too…please help.

  • Ravin

    Yes it happens with me also But !! What I have done is downloaded a mercury browser And than I got jailbreakme and WOW It works …. May many other can try that …

  • Chris

    Cydia won’t update (reload). The app icon is showing a 1, like I have a message in my inbox. And TSS? What is that, cuz my phone is waiting for that, as well. Help…

    • Interesting

      So I got the dreaded Brittney Spears “oops go do it again” message too. Apple/AT&T are playing games. Just turn off your cookies and all went smoothly for me. I hope it helps.

  • Eduardo

    I had this issue, I just restarted my iPhone and then it worked right away. I didn’t have to clear the cache.

  • dAAni

    worked perfect for me ! everything works after jb’ing

  • MIKE

    Thank You every one for all the support.. I donated $5 too. and all i did was clear all the browser history and cache etc. then I rebotted and went to and wala.

    all done .. THANKS A MILL TO COMMEX

  • Chris

    Thanks Interesting!

    Turning off cookies completely fixed it for me.

    Settings > Safari > Accept Cookies > Never

    Broken and unlocked now. Life is good.

  • Phil

    Turning Off cookies is the worst thing you can do! Whoever suggested this probably works for Apple or Att! It BRICKED my fucking iPhone 4!!!!!!! A Restore won’t work. Apple has found a way to screw us! If anybody has a solution let me know. PLEASE! Dammit!!!!!!

  • Chris

    Weird Phil. It worked for me. I turned them off, went to and it downlaoded and installed the JB without issue.

    I turned back on cookies afterwards, just to put things back to how they were, but I had no issue at all.

  • Z

    I don’t see how cache would be the issue. Last night when jailbreakme was “down”, though I just think it had a simple traffic overload, right after jailbreakme failed to do it’s job, I tried the modmyi one and worked as a charm. So, if it works on modmyi without any cache problems, why does jailbreakme has some issues with it?

  • gg1980

    Will the jailbreakme delete my contacts when I run the jailbreak?

  • cg and are both giving problems for me. it shows the download bar and then safari just closes down. i dont see cydia icon too. i cleared cache, turned off cookies and restarted my phone. btw i have 3GS 4.0.1(8A306). 05.13.04 anyone any ideas?

  • Worked well for me …Cheers !!

  • Kim

    Cleared everything in cache my mail app still doesn’t work… HELP I NEED MY MAIL APP TO WORK

  • andi

    i have the same problem as “cg” #32 … after flushing all cached things, in spite of my safari closes an nothing happened…. yesterday i had jailbreaked my 3gs with os 4.0 and everthing worked… then i saw that 4.0.1 also will work, than i updated today and wanted to jailbreak again… with no luck!… maybe apple gave an reaction to this jailbreak

  • NobbyPop

    same problem as “cg” and “andi”. did the same thing. upgraded to 4.0.1.
    Download starts from both available URLs. Then, just after showing the next popup for a microsecond – safari crashes – NO JB.
    did all the “solutions” mentioned here, nothing helped… 🙁

  • Jcaz

    Will I lose anything if I do the JB without backing up my iPod?

  • Mike

    I have jb using jailbreakme successfully but after that I find out the image I click to save will not appear in camera roll..and even can’t save taken, snapshot and recording..pls help..

  • bryan

    if i jailbreak my iphone 2g will i be able to use my tmobile sim card

  • Alan

    I’ve tried the and several times on my iPad 3G.
    Removed sim and everything.
    Cleared cache in Safari, cookies, etc., as advised.

    Tried twice.

    Still get purple screen. Must be unique to iPad 3G.

    Any suggestions are appreciated!

  • Mikel

    I am no stranger to jailbreaking and this one has not worked for me. I’m running an iPhone 4 w/ 4.01, I did try clearing the cache/history – reboot and to no avail. No matter what I do, the phone will not d/l and install the app. I will continue to search for options.

  • it bricked my ipod touch 3g iOS4.i cant boot my stuck on apple logo in the screen center and a small loading like circle.when i try to connect to pc in recovery mode,window says that “found new hardware” and itunes cant detect it.somebody help me please!!

    • Mikel

      Sounds like it will nit come out of boot Rom. Search on how to restore to an older os image. There is an app for windows that will force the reboot. On the road, di not recall the app.

  • mahen

    hey im using iphone 3gs.. just got it 2 months ago.. OS4.0 firmware 05.13.04…. can i use this software to jailbreak mine??? quite scared to try it…. n im in india… is it only applicable to AT&T users? does it only jailbreaks or unlocks the phone too???

  • Kim

    For me,
    i didnt do the cookie erasing things
    my ipod is just stuck
    the screen is grayish
    and even if i try to press buttons, nothing happens
    What should i do??

  • sasukestars at youtube

    so i have my iphone 3gs updated to os 4.0.1 and i have lots of apps and games and voice memos and stuff. but i wanna know is when i do jailbreak my phone will it DELETE all my data and apps and so onnn……

  • Mauro

    Nope, still frozen
    3gs 3.1.3 old bootrom

  • Maimocimo

    Will this jailbreak work on ipod4.2.1 version or just iphone

  • Kooner

    Cydia logo is showing on my phone.. Is tht mean my phon is jailbreak now. And how to unlock my phon to use different network … Plz reply

  • Kooner

    Cydia logo is showing on my phone.. Is tht mean my phon is jailbreak now. And how to unlock my phon to use different network .

  • Gene

    I cant get past the purple screen on my 3g IPhone. The slide will not allow me to slide to jailbreak. I have followed all the steps and no joy. Please advise. Thanks gene