A quick update for those of you anxiously waiting for the iPhone 4 unlock. PlanetBeing just said the iPhone 4 unlock will be released in 48 hours. Earlier today, I said it would be out “in the next few days” so I guess I was pretty close.

The Dev Team will be testing out the new unlock before making it available to the general public in a couple days. Stay tuned!

[Hat tip: @Aripash25]

  • Jason masters

    How many more hours left now lol ?

  • KinGz

    Unlock already!!

  • Dont test it. Just release it. We will test it and feddback you. Anyway we waited a lot for jailbreak with no reason, at the end it was released with bugs. So is the same if you hurry or delay. We will let you know what happend so you can fix it. And we will be a lot happier. Tkyou

  • 007_Slim

    Calm down Lictiger! It’s good that they test it first to get all the bugs out. It’s less work later and everyone is happy (Including yourself)! You waited this long, Whats a couple more hours!

  • hyperkimjie

    is it out yet??? got questions too… 3GS iphone on IOS 4.0.1 version… can it be unlocked???
    because this forum says IPHONE 4 only… even the hyperlink was for 3GS IOS 4.0.1 lolz
    if its out can anyone let me know thanks…

    • Sun

      Yes. U can do it by ultraslow now!

      • Hyperkimjie

        Ultraslow? Not ultrasnow which one please my phones still a virgin not yet been jailbreaken

  • hyperkimjie


  • duke

    unlock iphone 4 out yet ?

  • duke

    i try to many time but still stuck on service searching lolz

    • Sun

      Me too mate… Tired hehe

  • talinki

    how will we come to know once it is out?

  • Jason masters

    What’s added pwn apple?

  • Jason masters

    I guess 48 hours plus another 48 hours huh? Don’t use ultrasn0w now you’ll brick your ip4!

  • I-dler

    So I think it’s safe to say that the 48 hour mark has approached. 😉

  • Jason masters

    48 in Martian hours they meant lol!

  • Jason masters

    iPhone unlock will be released in ten minutes according to al gores blog and you know he knows his shit cuz he invented the Internet!

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  • lets be paitient like kyza

  • iphone-addict

    When is this coming out i want to unlock iphone 4 SO SO SO SO SO SO badly

  • Magic

    Is there going to be an unlock coming out for 3gs version 4.1, firmware 05.14.02?