JailbreakMe is the latest jailbreak method for all devices running iOS 3.1.2 or newer. Like I said before, JailbreakMe is the easiest jailbreak you will ever find but some of you asked me to write a tutorial about it.

This guide and tutorial will show you how to use JailbreakMe to jailbreak your iPhone. Obviously, most people won’t need this tutorial because JailbreakMe is pretty straightforward.

Step 1: Make you your iPhone is backed up in iTunes, in case something goes wrong.

Step 2: From you iPhone, go to JailbreakMe.

Step 3: Slide to jailbreak.

Step 4: Sit back, relax. JailbreakMe will be downloaded to your iPhone and will work its magic. When done, a pop up will tell you that Cydia has been installed.

Step 5: Reboot your iPhone. You don’t have to, but it’s always a good thing to do.

That’s it. Nothing to download to your computer.

Click here for instructions on how to jailbreak your iPad 3.2.1 with JailbreakMe.

  • frankie

    can anybody tell me how to downgrade my iphone from 4.01 to lower 4.0 or 3.2 ? im trying to jailbreak my iphone but its says that i need to downgrade . please help me

    • Jordan

      Go onto ideviceunlock.com that let’s u jailbreak any software after 4.0 to 4.2.1

    • chezza

      Try my Youtube video, i downgraded my 3gs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ef76QRX-7p8

      Don’t forget to Subscribe if all works ok.

  • frankie

    sorry i need to downgrade to 4.01 or 3.2.1 thanks for your help

  • Trevor

    Does my IpodTouch 2G have to be 4.0 to apply the jailbreak? I am currently 3.1.2


    i have the lasteest version and i now cant jailbreak it and i cant put another version 🙁

  • Lee

    I have new iPhone 4 that I got around 26th September.it says on jailbreak.com that my software is to new.is there a jailbreak for my software yet that means I Dnt need to downgrade

  • Suleyman

    Very good

  • Nick

    I have a 3 g iPod touch and jailbreakme won’t work please help

  • AK47

    When will the new update come, how many more days, i cant wait to have my ipod jailbroken

  • jake rosser

    what should i do if the slide bar wont slide….
    (im completely new at this and have no clue so please be painfully detailed)

    • Gabrielle

      hi i think we both have the same problem it won’t slide for me either i think its because the iPhone version is too new and you have to downgrade it which I have no idea how to but if i’ll figure it out i’ll post it here

    • Lalal

      Go to settings – safari and look if you have java enabled

  • Gabrielle

    how can i downgrade my iPhone 3GS because it won’t let me jailbreak it says the version is too new please someone help !

  • carpediem

    i was jailbreaking my ipod (2nd gen, 3.1.3) and it shut off before it was loaded.
    now my ipod only comes up 2 the apple symbol and wont go any farther? what to do?..

    • carpediem

      i have also tried clearing the history, cache and cookies. but still it doesnt seem to work. everytime i try to jailbreak, space background appears for a moment and then it restarts and shows the apple icon until it asks for my pass code. help please.

    • Sammycrab

      Mine does the same thing please updte me when you find out

  • carpediem

    would this work for 4th gen ipods?

  • Hi. I have 4.1 (one upgrade too many) and I don’t know how I can downgrade it. I used to be able to cuz I jailbroke my itouch when it was illegal… but it won’t work anymore. Help?!?

  • Joey

    Umm what do we do if yuu try It Nd it juss says the apple sign nd brings yuu bak to homenpage unstead of loadinq the jailbreak ??

  • michael

    i would hardly call this a jail brake its just a app what a joke

  • it could very simple for many of you, my iphone is not getting to use. my phone keeps on displaying ‘slide for immergency’ and USB icons. so when i slide it, it shows emmergency calls with no.

  • No Name

    this is a joke bc its taking to long theres no point of waiting, im just gonna jailbreak from the computer,
    comet is too slow at updating

    • No Name


  • MILan12345333

    can you still use the app store after jailbreaking it

  • I tried but it says my version of phone is to new

  • The best clone scripts

  • syl

    did the website change? i don’t see anymore slide. it says “contact the owner of this domain”

  • sagar

    hi i had iphone 3gs and it was upgraded to 4.1 then my phone was locked can any one give me solution about unlock of my phone and installed baseband version 05.14.02

  • Rollnekka


    I am on 02 (in the UK) and since installing this I have been unable to connect to the internet using Cellular Data Network. Cannot anybody advise how to remedy this?

  • Collette

    I know its annoying, but I was having the SAME issue with jailbreakme and it kept telling me that the file was invalid and I was told to restart the ipod, reboot, etc.., it got annoying, so eventually I just got frustrated and sat there, annoyed, and kept tapping “retry”.. and it worked. I had to hit it again and again probably 20+ times. My ipod 4.0 8gb is jailbreaking now, no problem. Instead of jailbreakme.com go to jailbreakme.modmyi.com 🙂 good luck

  • Caza 018

    I’m a bit worried if it goes wrong can I get original settings

  • Steve

    Dosent work for iOS 4.1

  • Parv

    Neeeeeeeed HELP! I tried downgrading and it said ‘ error 3002 ‘ . What the hell does that meaaaan?!

  • Ron

    I have an Iphone4 4.1 in holland and I need to have tethering working.
    is this jailbreak meant for that too if the 4.1 jailbreak comes out ?

  • amm

    my ipod is keep saying “oops .. file received was invalid” and i keep getting the options of quit or retry… uggghh .. someone help PLEASEEEE

  • Peter

    Does Jailbrealme works with inactive iPhone?

  • Bobby

    Jailbreak me is not workin on my ipod touch. Safai is sayin thers an error nd wont open the web site at all… Can sum1 help me plzz nd thank u i gladly appreciate i have a 2nd gen ipod btw if that helps

  • Max

    ok heres a question, I have a jailbroken 3GS on ios 4.0.1 and I want it to be jailbroken with pwnagetool to fit the bootlace description so I can dualboot my iphone, is that possible?

  • panos

    i enter the site jailbreakme.com i slide the bar and nothing. i reload the page and the message is that the installer crashed. any ideas?

  • Joe

    It said “version to new. You need to downgrade to 4.0.1/3.2.1 (witch may be impossible) before you can use this site”. HHHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPP. Ohhh and I am on Ipod touch 4g so as i said… HHHEEEEELLLLLPPPP

  • Ryan

    Joe I get that error too. Let me. Know it h figure it out. Likewise I’ll let u know Wut I find if anything 😉

  • Andrew

    Hi Guys,
    Just wondering if someone can help. Im from Australia and currently am in Jordan. I tried using a sim from here but it gives me an invalid sim error. Was just wondering whether jailbreakme had anything to do with it.

  • Poo

    Can u jailbreak on iPod touch if so how I really want the picnic theme the one with all the little apps with faces on plzzzzzzzzz help

  • Poo

    What do I need to do to make sure it doesn’t crash and what do I need??

  • Liveeeyyy

    Will an updated version of jailbreak me be out soon? I have version 4.02 and it says im too “new”

    … :'(

    we people in the future have App needs too ya know ~

  • Kevin

    Hi there. i have a iphone4 4.2.1 and i was wondering if jailbreakme will ever have a updated version for this 4.2.1 and if so when will it be??? Im going crazy waiting for the unteathered jailbreak please keep all of us newer versions imformed! thx again……..Peace!

  • Kevin

    Yes my iphone4 has wifi

  • RNS

    I have 3G 3.1.3 and want to upgrade to 4.1 but whenever I try it doesn’t upgrade – any solutions???

    • zongkill

      same with me. i’ve tried many solutions but it just say error

  • SOS

    What it mean “invalid IPA” ???

  • Joe

    The best way to downgrade is to wipe the device remotely from google apps control panel. I have done this a few times and it worked.

    • max

      how do i get to the google control pannel

  • EssexSwaggadon

    Thats my same problem !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It doesn’t work :S arrrrrghhhhhh !!!!

  • Sean

    How to repair mms and facetime?

  • Dena

    It says my phone is too new! When is tjis going to work??? 

  • yeah you have to wait for them to release the new jailbreak for jailbreakme.com

  • Juliette

    i tried using jailbreakme but the slide wont slide! help?

  • Sarah

    SO easy to downgrade – just go here