Thirsty? There’s an app a coaster for that!

Because they’re made using the original high resolution artwork, these coasters come out looking great, crisp with a glossy finish. And to those of you wondering, no, they will not turn your coffee table into an iPad, but we sure hope they did.

These iPhone app coasters come in 3 sets of 6 icons. Each set is about $32. You can get them from here.

If you call yourself an iPhone lover then you owe it to yourself to get the geekiest of all iPhone accessories: the iPhone apps coasters.

  • Jason masters

    This is what you call “filler” it’s stupid shit you blog about while waiting on the real news the most anticipated jailbreak/unlock since the first unlock.

    Video after the break….

  • Soto187

    Awesome, I been waiting for this and the price is right. Compare to the $60 from eBay.

  • Polemicist

    Hmm. These would go quite well with the those iPhone Fridge magnets 🙂

  • Almostfamous84

    Just bought a set! Bummed the one I wanted was out of stock. Thanks for sharing!!! I disagree with Jason masters… This was a great “filler.”

  • Jason Masters

    How much were they and did your guests really like them if so I change my mind maybe they are cool.