With the iPhone 4 jailbreak to be released soon, BigBoss has created a jailbreak application dedicated to this device only. The app is called SpringFlash and like the name suggests, it is an application that takes advantage of the iPhone 4 LED Flash to serve as a flashlight.

SpringFlash will be a Springboard Activator-based application which means you will have to use Activator to define a gesture or activation method to launch the app (ie “tap and hold the status bar). Since it is Activator-based, the great advantage of SpringFlash is that you won’t have to look for the app icon to launch it when you need it.

I’d like to say that I have tried SpringFlash but since there is now iPhone 4 jailbreak yet, that would be a lie…

SpringFlash will be available under the BigBoss repo for free. Now we just need a jailbreak!


  • dr.love

    im so excited to get the new jb+unlock for my iPhone4
    anyway this is a good way to say thx to the whole DEV_Team
    and Sebastian for his Blog
    im from germany and i read ur blog everyf*****day

  • SoCoMagNuM

    That will be a nice feature. I miss the usefulness of activator

  • Zplit

    This is great news….
    Waiting to jb my iPhone 4

  • adrien

    tres bonne news

  • Jrodphd

    Big Boss has to be one of the top repo out there. It’s beeen a years since the last time i had my iPhone jailbroken. People should start listen the other repos in this thread as well. Because is been a while since their last jailbreaks..

  • Devo

    Tryin’ to be patient for my first iPhone 4 jailbreaking expieriance.

    • Nourdine

      dude if you got the money
      You don t have to wait
      You can pay for your jb
      As you go

  • Bannana Joe


    There is not JB and Unlock software for iPhone…all for sale in the Web is FAKE

    The only people that works on the software is Dev Team and they do that for free. The othes just sell something that is free with some mods.

    So don’t be fool don’t buy that software JB/Unlock is just plain and simply copies of Dev Team and George H.

    For now we still waiting for the OFFICIAL software.

  • Nourdine

    Thanks brother
    So why dev team don’t put copy right
    To their jb software cause now jb is
    Legal and stop the jerks from selling
    Jb that they don t own

  • Dave

    I got my iPhone 4 2 days ago so happy a long wait with alot of disappointment but finally got it now patiently waiting for a jailbreak …all we can do is wait guys ..

  • Dr.love

    @Banana Joe This will Be a good idea for the Future
    So the jerks cant sell it at thei Fakesites

  • Tj

    That’s a pretty cool app. There’s only one flaw to this app. YOU NEED A JAILBROKEN IPHONE 4 TO USE IT!!!!!

  • dean

    wharap yall

  • ?

    If you wont it now it’s in the app store

  • The content used is exeptionally well.

  • faizan

    hey i also have iphone 4.and i also wanted to jb n unloack.how i can do that…haelp me please…

  • faizan

    help me please……………………