You’re going to have to take this one with a huge grain of salt but it seems a company called Yosion figured out a way to turn the iPod Touch into an iPhone. And no, this doesn’t require you to use some VoIP service. This hack, if legit, might be the ultimate iTouch hack ever made.

Basically the “Apple Peel 520” comes as an iPod Touch case that includes an Infineon baseband chip, an extra 800 mAh battery, and a slot for a SIM card. Just pop a SIM card in and plug your microphone-equipped ear buds and you should be good to go.

The Apple Peel 520 will presumably go on sale this week in China for $45 to $75. There isn’t much proofs this is real so don’t get too excited about it.


  • DK

    This would suck cause ipt still doesn’t have a camera.

  • DK

    Does it have to be jailbroken?

    • TheStranger

      no it doesnt have to be jailbroken. you just need a working SIM card. THESE ARE REAL

  • VnABC

    This is possible. How about add a mic and speaker to the case too!

  • Pn2bade

    Ya, and make it so we can put verizon on there.

    PS: Anyone else notice that the iPod Touch has the official phone and messages icon from 2.x? I would think those icons would be copyrighted by Apple.

    PSS: My guess is that it will be for jailbreak only because I doubt those two apps would be approved to go into the App Store regardless of the icon.

  • Zplit

    This is good stuff… I hope is real, I don’t mind given this a try…
    Still I love my iPhone 4…
    But having an iPod where u can make calls will be great

  • Jason masters

    What will the Chinese make next an iPad into a phone?

    • Z

      Why not? Built in front facing camera and a mic for video conference chats. I don’t know why apple didn’t do that in the first place for business purposes. That would have sold an iPad to every office.

    • TheStranger

      they already have. check it out. just search it on the blog

  • Tom

    This would be sick

  • Hack or Sprint! Check the latest FCC clearings.

  • Lucky

    i hv certail doubts uncleared… Does itouch have any dialer program? Sure it has contacts, but how is it possible to make a call without dialing program? Second thing, If someone lauches something innovative, one must look for perfect solution for purpose he has invented such thing. Maker of this thing could have added mic atleast.

    Well, however, if this is true, i will order one for sure.

  • mikness360

    first time chinese people do a useful and original accessory.

  • HU

    Hahaha !! Amazing, can somebody make a full tutorial on how to make it ???

    (By the way, is this risky ??)

  • Jvk

    The second generation is for iTouch 4g, so then you have a camera. It also has a built in microphone and speakers. And GPRS.