I just received my free iPhone Bumper in the mail today, courtesy of Steve Jobs and everybody at Apple.

First impressions? Meh. I don’t like cases and the Bumper is no exception. The iPhone 4 is such a beautiful device that it kills me to trap it in a case. I put it on, took it off and gave it to Tina so she can protect her very first iPhone. She’ll definitely need it more than I will.

If you haven’t yet, here is how to claim your free case from Apple, or simply browse our iPhone Accessories Store to choose from hundreds of different iPhone cases.

  • did you hear the rumor/allegations that it can/may damage the steel rim ?

    • Nope I haven’t heard of that and I actually don’t believe this rumor.

  • Mine is on the way. I will probably use mine a few times a week for stuff like geocaching.

  • Soto187

    That’s why I got the Belkin clear case, too show off it’s an iPhone 4.

  • Will

    I have the belkin vue case and it pretty good but it is starting to turn yellowish after only 1 month. I’ll be using my bumper when it arrives in two days.

  • Elbert Jones

    My orders shows that it won’t even be shipped until August 27th.

  • ghettocowboy

    hmmm iPhone 4 darth vader outfit. Head over to engadget.com and see how motorolla is making fun of the iPhone 4 bumper.

  • I got mine too yesterday.
    I have the same opinion about cases: they’re ugly and what’s the point having a beautiful iPhone when you wrap it in ugly plastic.
    I sold my bumper on ebay in less than an hour for 30 Euros.

  • John

    I agree with you, the bumper is ugly and unwieldily and the phone is so pretty, I do not like it in any case. I have Zagg (another tradeoff) because I do not want the glass scratched, but other I like it naked.

  • Still waiting for my speck pixelskin hd

  • Zplit

    I’m still waiting for my bumper even thought I’m not gonna use it… Well is free so why not take it lol… I agree with Sebastien my iPhone is such a beauty I can’t see it with any case or even the bumper lol.

  • Unitonehifi

    ordered the bumper mainly because it’s an apple product.may or may not use it.most probably invest in a third party case   .Think you really need to test a case on your phone in your hand to choose a good one 

  • Iphone freedom

    HEEY EVERYBODY, Listen we must GO for a Revolution against APPLE, they should unlock our phones!!
    We waste our money and time!! Most of us know nothing about this Fuck Shit problem!!
    HEY APPLE UNLOCK OUR IPHONE!! … FUCK APPLE we will never buy your products any mooooore…..