If iPlunge is not the coolest iPhone stand ever, it might just be the most original one. Gotta love the product description too:

No plumbing required! Use it at work, home, train, plane, it works anywhere! Wow, what a handy stand!

You can preorder your iPlunge from here for just about $6. Can’t go wrong with that…

  • Z

    Hahahahaha you gotta be kidding me! This is by far the funniest idea I’ve seen. Great accessory! I was kinda jealous of the new HTC cuz it has that little stand in the back, but this is too funny not to get!

  • Chris


  • Kev

    Not really easy to carry in your wallet.

  • brent

    Ha! I love that. And it doesn’t cost $29!!!

  • Rachel A….

    Harhar bloody harharhar that is brilliant!

  • ghettocowboy

    will solve your antenna problems too

  • C-Los

    I have to get me on those. Lol

  • YCM

    Just funny and useful….. I like it.

  • Will it be avaible in stores soon?

  • T-Mizzle

    I’m jealous cuz I didn’t come up with that idea first! LOL
    Who ever did is about to make a lot of $$. What iPhone owner wouldn’t want this? I’m ordering TWO!