Woohoo, jailbreaking and unlocking your iPhone is now completely legal (in the US anyways)! This being said, what is the new rule going to change for us jailbreakers? Unfortunately nothing!

Yes, nothing is going to change. Even though jailbreaking is now legal, Apple is in no way obliged to make it easy for us to jailbreak. The good old cat and mouse game between Apple and the Dev Team lives on. Worse, things might even get more complicated.

The legalization of jailbreaking was a big deal yesterday. If you were anywhere near a computer or TV screen, you probably heard about it. So did many other people. This free advertising for jailbreaking might have people who were on the fence before take the dive and jailbreak their devices.

Apple certainly doesn’t want more people jailbreaking their iPhones because they are worried they might end up losing this tight grip they have on the App Store. As a result, I believe Apple will try to make things even harder for jailbreakers and make sure everyone knows although jailbreaking is legal, it will still void your warranty should you decide to give your iPhone a (jail)break.

What’s your take on it? Do you think Apple will keep playing the cat and mouse game? Or will they make it easier for us to jailbreak? Your opinion sure is as good as mine. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

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  • Straegle

    i figured nothing would change on apples side…

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  • Pete

    How can I jailbreak a 3GS with ios 4

    • ?

      You carnt yet

  • SpideyRules

    @? and Pete: Yes you can. Tutorials on ModMyI.com

    While Apple may not make it easier for us to jailbreak, this does open up the ability to publicly work on jailbreaks in forums, to not have to work on creating a jailbreak with any sort of secrecy, etc.

    Think about it: If all of the sudden, it was found to be legal to post/download major motion pictures, you would immediately be able to find infinitely more movie downloading/streaming sites. The same logic applies here.

    • Z

      Just wanted to clarify that the jailbreak is available for 3GS with an old iboot, unless I missed something. And the guidelines are also available here on IDB.

    • ?

      Its not a auto jailbreak. Lots of work to do. Is it worth tearing you hair out if it goes wrong …. No ..

      • Z

        True, but some people like myself like to bump into errors and complicated tasks. Only makes things more interesting and challenging.

  • Nourdine

    Sibastine holla amigo
    i can tell now that we have
    To pay for jailbreak .
    Asta la vista sibastine

  • pigsy101

    I actually have a different take it and it’s more to do with the unlocking your iPhone factor than anything IMO. My opinions are based living in Australia btw but from what I see can most people (tech savy or not) would be very interested in unlocking their iPhone to use with any carrier and of course to do this you need to Jailbreak. But if Apple offered unlocked iPhones straight away, like they apparently will do in Canada soon then the average punter out there would be more than satisifed with the App store and then very limited customisations that the iPhone comes as standard. The unit is a great piece of kit after all. But what they really what is choice in carrier … and a choice that is FREE!!

    If this was the case you could argue then that only people like you and me (i.e readers of forums like this) would be bothered to Jailbreak even though the iPhone is unlocked straight from Apple.

    Apple needs the jailbreak community. How else could they do real stress testing on their hardware and software it wasn’t for the tech community? But what Apple doesn’t need are “average” punters being introduced to or swayed that Jailbreaking is better simply because that punter’s main goal is to unlock via Jailbreak.

  • gh0stryt3r

    At worst case, Apple should offer an unlock solution for units that have completed a 2 year agreement. I can see that they would have concerns with T-mobile’s 3G in the US, but it doesn’t appear to be an issue elsewhere.

  • Amanda


  • Brian

    I have several takes on this.

    First, I fail to understand exactly what this ruling meant considering jailbreaking was NOT ILLEGAL prior to this.

    Now, if you have a JB’d device then there are some ‘illegal things’ that can be done by the owner/user, but the actual act of JB’ing and/or owning a JB’d device is legal.

    Most remember my story of going to a local apple store and having the Manager ‘claim’ I had an ILLEGAL device and I had to turn it over to him or give him my DL# and if I refused he would call ‘security’.

    KNOWING my device was NOT ILLEGAL, I told the manager to go right ahead and call ‘security’ as there was no way in hell I was giving him my idevice or my personal info.

    In came ‘security’ (the mall security, not the actual police). They spoke to the manager. They spoke with me. I told them the manager was 100% clueless as my device was NOT ILLEGAL and the only way I will give it up is if the actual police arrested me and explained what the charges were that deemed my device as ‘illegal’.

    I explained to security that it was my opinion that the manager was either clueless or hoping to find some novice who was clueless and would hand over their device out of fear so the manager could aquire some free devices.

    In any event, security told the manager that the police would not be called as there were no laws broken and quite obviously, I walked out of the store with my idevice.

    So, knowing that having a jb’d device WAS not illegal, I dont really understand what this latest ruling is telling us it is legal to jb since it was always legal. Apple could void your warranty if they wanted to but thats all they really could do. And this is till all they can do with this latest ruling, so again, I dont understand what this latest ruling ‘changed’.

    As for Apple, my personal opinion is although they claim to frown upon unlocking and jb’ing, we all know that apple would not sell half as many iphones if they couldnt be unlocked. I know a TON of people that would NOT have bought an iphone if they had to be locked to at&t. I think apple realizes this and knows they would not sell as many iphones if they couldnt be unlocked so they put up a front of sorts but, I cant see why they would want to lose so much revenue by not allowing unlocks, but then again, they do seem to work hard trying to prevent it, which makes little sense to me.

    As for JB’ing. Yes, I do think apple will step it up a notch and continue to make it harder and harder to JB. Then of course, they can keep putting out updates every month that would erase your JB, causing the hackers and those using the expoits to have to come up with yet another exploit and users will have to re-jb every month or so which will make many simply give up as most of us are very busy and do not have hours/days to waste every month on re-jb’ing. And the word I am hearing is that apple is going to do just that. Put out tons of updates and even worse, I am hearing that their engineers are going to be desiging these updates so that they almost have to be taken if you want your device to continue to operate. In the past, updates did not have to be taken. If you were on 3.0 and had no issues, there was no need to upgrade to 3.01, 3.1, 3.12 and etc, unless you maybe ran in to something you just had to have and it was not compatible on 3.0 for instance. But, if the engineers can figure out a way to make these updates a NECESSITY then everybody is in deep $hit!

    I for one have no intention on updating/upgrading every month or even 2 or 3 times a year and then having to unlock/jb all over again. No friggin way will I become an ‘apple hostage’ stuck in front of their comp for hours/days every month trying to get my device working properly and I dont think many others will either.

    But apple has alot to protect with their app store and apple doesnt normally roll over and ‘give up’ when it comes to revenue and I dont think they will now. I think they will make it harder to jb and will make it a necessity to do pretty darned often.

    What will be interesting to see is if this works for them or blows up in their face. If Jb’ing is going to turn in to a royal pain in the butt and have to be done over and over and over, the hackers may stop working on exploits and even if they dont, the end user may throw in the towel and decide to go with android or something else where they have a great device that is not holding them hostage every month.

    Will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

    But this is one person that will not be held hostage by apple. Great and innovative company, but I doubt they will ever get another penny from me as I simply do not need to pay for any device in which apple will try to handcuff me or kill so much of my time if I want my device as I want it.

    • Nourdine

      Dude you need a job
      Did you find time to write all of this

    • Z

      Interesting 2 cents. Well, more like all 50 c hehe just wanted to point out one thing I notice being confused here and there. Apple does NOT care about unlocks, they are bound to work hand-in-hand with AT&T on that one. Apple is a soft/hardware dev company, not a mobile service provider, and, therefore, they have no interest in who unlocks what. AT&T is the bad cop there.

  • Vik071

    Jailbreak ultimately does not hurt Apple. It may create some additional stress to phone companies and software devs…

  • Milton

    All I want to say is that yes jailbreaking is legal and we can all be happy knowing that apple can’t take our devices away just because it’s jailbroken. Sure they void our warranty but that’s about all they can do.

    What you see here is the exact same problem with torrents. Sure you can have a downloader as it’s legal but the minute you start downloading files it’s illegal. Apple is saying they’ll punish you for doing something which is now legal.

    As for the upcoming updates I could really care less about them because I just recently downgraded from 4.0 to 3.1.2 just because of the horrendous lag and amount of bugs. So screw apple’s updates and I’ll be happy with my 3.1.2 as it runs amazingly smooth on my 3g. However, if they begin releasing updates where your phone must be a certain version to obtain signal and service will be the day I throw in my iPhone for another smartphone. Possibly a blackberry.

    I’m a satisfied jailbreaker who does NOT download pirated apps from the app store and I’ll stay this way!

    I would recommend jailbreaking to anyone as long as you have enough information on what it is that you are doing