I ordered my free black Bumper last week and it initially said the item wouldn’t ship until late August. I received an email from Apple yesterday night telling me my order had shipped. I suppose I will receive it by tomorrow.

If you have an iPhone 4, you’re entitled to receive a free case from Apple so make sure you check out these instructions on how to get it. If you’ve already ordered your free case from Apple, you should start receiving a shipment notice soon as well.

  • Shaun

    Will it just be the Bumpers that are shipping so early? Or does this apply to ALL cases given out by Apple?

  • I’m not sure but I think all of them are shipping early

  • SoCoMagNuM

    i just got my refund today deposited into my account. i wonder if i can still get a defferent case though cause i dont even use my bumper

  • Straegle

    Great news!! email said late september, hope my case comes early!!

  • iPhone 4

    I already have a case but I am very curious to try out my new free bumper when it arrives. I may switch to it when I receive my power support front and back film protectors.