Apple just released iOS 4.1 Beta 2 to developers, and unless you are a dev, you have absolutely no business downloading and installing it on your iPhone.

If you do, make sure you don’t care about future jailbreaks and unlocks because you might lose your ability to do it.

There doesn’t seem to be much in this beta release except for the proximity sensor fix, which hopefully will prevent those affected from randomly hanging up on people.

  • Will

    I already could see ignorant people downloading this and then say “please someone help me, I accidently updated to 4.1 need to downgrade i want to be able to jailbreak my new iPhone 4 ” I could already see this lmao ! = )

    • Rhianna

      iTunes informed me that there was an update available for my iPod touch and during restore updated it on it’s own, now it’s updated to ios4.1 so I don’t get why iTunes would do that if ios4.1 was only intended for developer! So maybe you shouldn’t be such a jerk when people like me turn and ask for help.

  • Aian

    Haha, true, but mean:)

  • Xaroc

    I think Anyone who has the brains to find this and install it would also know how to revert back to a previous installation.

    Or do i have to much faith in people?

  • How about on iPhone 3GS is ios 4.1 version please help

  • Cj

    I have a iPhone 3GS 4.0.1 and Iam looking to jailbreak my phone is they
    A way I can do it ple help

  • gh0stryt3r

    Xaroc… lol

    Don’t get me started… don’t *even* get me started… <@:-)

  • Joeyjojo

    I think anyone who updates to betas without Reading these kind of website don’t deserve any help downgrading. There is never usually a jailbreak for a beta so what’s the point? I tried 4.0 then downgraded back to 3.1.3. I only did that on the basis that I know what I am doing because I follow instructions carefully. Thanks to this site and devteam I know exactly what I am doing. Thanks guys.

    • Z

      Planning on doing the same with my 3GS. I agree completely. I heard of a jailbreak from the AT&T rep. Then came across IDB, which helped me learn anything I need about my iPhone, jailbreaking, downgrading and unlocking. Lots of thanks go to Sebastien and dev team. It’s due to people like you guys people love their iPhones. Apple should pay you money for publicly advertising and IMPROVING the phone =)

      And all the newbies need to learn how to make a simple search on IDB to find answers to their questions, like I did back when I knew nothing about jailbreaking.

  • YCM

    People please do not upda…..o way, too late some of you already did.
    How many time is this going to happen for some of you to learn from your mistakes?
    If you read this post and it states not to update, just don’t update. How hard is that?
    thanks Sebastian for keeping us up-to-day with every post.
    You rock.

  • Cj

    Take that as no then

    • Z

      Just search for answers. They have all been answered one way or another. Does your 3GS have old or new bootrom? This should get you started on your research.

  • tomby

    i my brother did play with my computer he went on itunes and then he updated and i didnt shsh my files i was not planning to update thats why i cant jailbreak Dahm brother! 🙂