BGR reports today that unlocked iPhone 4s will be available for purchase in Canada when the device launches there this friday.

According to CBC news, pricing for the unlocked version of the iPhone 4 will start at $659 — for the lower capacity 16 GB version — and climb up to $779 for the 32 GB version.

These prices are in Canadian dollars. The conversion in US dollars is $637 for the 16 GB version and $753 for the 32 GB version

When I think my iPhone 4 cost me $742.69, it hurts to realize I could have had an officially unlocked iPhone for just about $10 more…

  • Jason masters

    Road trip !!! Lol!!!!

  • Z

    Sorry to hear that Sebastien, but you can STILL return your iPhone 4 for a FULL refund, according to Jobs, and take a road trip. I’ve never been to Canada, so it sounds like an amazing reason to go =)

  • Nourdine

    Dude just call the apple store in Canada
    And order your phone .
    Are you crazy bro spend 5000 dollars
    To get unlocked I will sell you mine
    For 1000 usd is unlocked
    What you say dude

  • oh yea , i getting my finally …..canada here we come ..

  • atavision

    there are so many better reasons to visit Canada than for the latest iPhone.

  • MILE

    Do the Canadian prices include sales tax or is it like in the US where to have to add that to the basic price…?! If so, does anyone know how high the sales tax might be…?


  • SillyBear

    Avg tax will be 13%. So you’re looking at $745 cnd for the 16gig. Might be worth mentioning that Canada isn’t locked to one carrier either. All 3
    major providers will have the 4G.

  • Lucas

    Anybody got the iphone 4 ? Is it really worth to get 32gig for 150$ tax-in more …. I got 3g 16 gig and never use 70% of the flash drive i use like 9gig or 10 from 16 so with hd recording will 6 gb be enough .? Or i should consider pay more to be sure

  • Jason masters

    Get the 32 from what I have experienced most antennae issues are with the 16gbs.