Despite the high expectation that the iPhone 4 jailbreak and unlock might be released today, MuscleNerd confirmed that it will not. Apparently there are issues with important jailbreak apps such as FaceTime that need to be taken care of before the release. Like MuscleNerd says, there is no point releasing a jailbreak and unlock if it’s not stable.

The Dev Team said last week they will release both the jailbreak and unlock for iOS 4 at the same time, so even though ultrasn0w is ready for release, the Team now has to make sure the jailbreak is bug free before making it available to the public.

  • I upgraded to iPhone 3G ios4 no model MC was jailbroken bootrom mind before upgrading old. Has never been able to unlock or downgrade.

  • Someone

    You should be happy that these guys are doing this for free. We all want a bug-free jailbreak, don’t we? Do you want an incomplete jailbreak that will damage your iPhones? Give them time to fix the bugs, and hopefully it will be released very soon. 🙂

  • Itz better to have a working jailbreak, then not. Yes all we can do now is wait till this bug is fixed, it could take few days, weeks, maybe months 🙂 lets hope it is not that. Just a matter time.

  • G0A


    Isn’t there any reliable website where I can buy a real iphone 4 unlock?
    Did anyone thought that the main reason why they are not releasing it it’s because they are making some money by selling it under cover in one of those sites?
    Now, if you tell me no because all the websites out there are bummers fine, you answered my question.

    Any way, it’s pretty dam frustrating to be “depending” from some like these guys, I mean with all respect it’s great that they are doing this, but who tell us that they are laughing at us just for fun… and the unlock is ready to go?

  • charlton

    GOA im with you ,, your ryt =((

  • Tom

    I Think they are just holding the product so they can keep getting hits on their website, the more hits they get the more money they get from Advertisers, so lets keep on coming back to there site and make them rich!