Is Apple Sloppy

As the holder of a Masters in Advertising, I’ve always appreciated Apple’s marketing machine. No matter what you think about the firm from Cupertino, you have to admit their PR and marketing machine is perfectly oiled. Every word, every product have been thought through to deliver the exact message Steve Jobs & Friends want you to receive.

Lately though, I think Apple kinda lost control of their PR/Marketing machine showing the oh-so-perfect company can be sloppy at times. Here is what I think Apple screwed up in the last couple months.

1. Apple announces the iPhone 4, which will supposedly come in black and white.

2. Rumors going around say the iPhone won’t be available in white at launch. Strangely, Apple doesn’t even deem it necessary to communicate on this.

3. On the iPhone 4 pre-order day, Apple just let us find out by ourselves the white iPhone wasn’t available. Lame.

4. Apple finally decides to speak up and admits the white iPhone won’t be available until mid-July.

5. In the meantime many people start reporting having problems with the iPhone 4 antenna.

6. Steve Jobs sends a cocky reply to the iPhone 4 antenna complainers telling them they don’t know how to hold their phones and they should buy a case.

7. Apple admits the problem comes from the formula used to display bars. They say they will release a software update that will fix this.

8. Apple holds a special event where they pretty much confirm there is no problem with the iPhone 4 antenna. Because there is no problem, they will give away free cases. Wait, what?

9. On the same day, Steve Jobs says the white iPhone will start shipping at the end of July.

10. A few days later, Apple says in a 2-sentence statement that the white iPhone 4 will not be available until later this year.

I think there were communication mistakes on Apple’s part. These antenna and white iPhone episodes could have been killed since day one if they had sent the appropriate information instead of staying silent and closed out.

But hey, at the end of the day, I’ve got my black iPhone 4 which I love, and I also get a free Bumper. So no, I’m not complaining, I’m just laying down facts from the last few weeks.

What do you think?

  • Benji222

    I agree. This is the worst launch they have had ever in my opinion. Still debating on selling my iPhone 4 and getting a captivate.

  • Jay

    Agreed. They do seem that way as of late.

  • Tired

    And yet again we’ve found something to say about apple. Curious about the next one, but please please please let it be something refreshing, new….. Just not an ” iLook at me iFound another iThing about iApple”.

  • Jon Garrett

    I dont think Apple is becoming sloppy, I think Apple is taking its consumers for granted. maybe they’ve reached the point where they are like,

    “hey, it doesn’t matter, they’ll buy it (our products) anyway”

    or maybe they’ve become like some pc game developers

    “ship it now, fix it later”

    • Emac

      The only problem with your statement is iPhone 4 is the greatest device ever created. By far. Nothing even close. If you hold it correctly the reception is the best ever X10. And it’s speed and UI are incomparable. Oh well. Sebastion needed something to write about.

  • Austin

    I completely agree with Garrett. They know that anything they put on retail shelves u’s consumers will buy it. This iPhone is just an example. I’m one of the ones they’re taking advantage of.

    Even though that’s the case I still love my iPhone 4.

  • Edwin

    They are becoming a but sloppy. And the iPhone 4 does have a design flaw, in which Apple chose design over function. If WebOS comes out with a new phone, I might actually get it. Because it actually features REAL multitasking. Unlike iOS which seems to be more of an fast app switcher and that’s it because apps can’t even update in the background. I know they’re trying to save battery life by having it that way, but they people can choose to multitask and waste battery of they please. Otherwise they can choose to not multitask

  • Anotherbrian

    Apple to me has always had bad PR, they have always done things the way they want to do it. It’s just their products are in such demand and everyone watches every move they make now. With a few mistakes as of lately, news travels so much faster when every eye is on them and every move they make is dissected.

  • Albion

    Hey Sebastian out of topic question.
    Why lately everytime I visit the blog the site goes back and forth from mobile theme to regular display, please find out and fix it because is very annoying.

  • i dun like these editorials…ugh

  • Excellent observations and I couldn’t agree more. Apple are showing continuous arrogance and I wonder how far they’ll be able to push their customers, before they’ll notice a significant drop.

  • Z

    @Sebastien, I’ve been facing the same switch from mobile to full site view as Albion mentioned. Also, yesterday, your homepage would load in mobile format, but posts would only load in full site view. Not so much of an issue, I just find the mobile version more convenient for the iPhone.

    Also, it could not have been put better. When the company sells 4m iPhones the first few weeks, it starts neglecting it’s customers. However, Apple is trying to maintain some sort of a good image (and it sure is working as I’ve been observing) by offering freebies. But if you think about it, has anyone ever had to buy a car with a SEPARATE FREE steering wheel? And it seems like everyone is buying it. Why? Because the phone itself is worth buying despite the flaws. And THAT’s why we, as customers, are being taken advantage of.

    I guarantee you that if not a single customer would have agreed to the deal, returned their phones back for the full refund, you would see a MAJOR recall from apple. But it will never happen because 1 customer has no power against 4 million of them. We all love our iPhones, but I don’t like Apple’s recent ways at all.

  • @Albion @Z I’ve had the same problem too lately and I have no idea what’s going on. I will sure look into it.
    Sorry about the inconvenience…

  • @Albion @Z Ok guys, I’m not sure if I found the solution but here is what I did and it seems to work for me now. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Safari > then clear history, cache, and cookies. You should be good.

    Additionally, I cleared the cache of the blog. I’ve tried it for a few minutes and it didn’t give me any full site version.

    Hope that helps. And again, sorry for the trouble. I know it can be annoying to get the full version of the site. on the iPhone.


    • Albion

      This is cool. Nice job seb.
      Next French table i have in my restaurant the drinks will be on me 🙂

  • I just wander how much they can afford to slack before they lose a substantial client base.

  • Tj

    You expect this from Microsoft, not Apple.

  • chavi2000

    So what! is all these problems to you, If you are 100% correct in every thing ,then those are problems.

  • AdamC

    So what have you guys been doing lately that is perfect or world changing.

  • quack


    The computer.

    I personally would put that above the iPhone 4. just be though >.<