Looks like those of us (myself included) who were holding out for a white iPhone 4 might as well throw in the towel. In a disappointing yet unsurprising statement earlier today, Cupertino admitted that

White models of Apple’s new iPhone┬« 4 have continued to be more challenging to manufacture than we originally expected, and as a result they will not be available until later this year. The availability of the more popular iPhone 4 black models is not affected.

The journey of the fabled white iPhone 4 started as a slight delay in pre ordering, then went on to an irritating one month push back, and after promises of an end of July release date has been completely shelved for the time being. Several reports from paint color and opacity problems to inability to meet high demand for the glass panels needed for the front and back casing of the iPhone 4 have been circling the web since the iPhone 4 launched back in mid June.

  • Johnnyduke

    Looks like apple was right in thier assumption that no one in their right mind would want a white iPhone.

  • Chris

    Wankers. I so much wont the white one.

  • Warren

    I wouldn’t mind a white one, my guess is this will create the ultimate in demand! If I do ever get one, I will need a lo-jack installed!

  • Justin

    I have a question, if they are having production issues and can’t get it just right, how are they ‘modding’ black iPhones with white parts? Where are these parts coming from?

  • sizzle

    I bet the white iphone will have no antenna issues. Apple stated that they will be offering this program until September 30th, 2010. I believe the white iPhone will launch September 30th, and there will be no reception issues. This makes perfect sense for Apple to make die-hard customers want the iPhone 4 white while also fixing the antenna issues. They will once again have dominated the smartphone community. **Leave out the last sentence so other blogs don’t realize what they are doing.

  • sizzle

    And when I say “this program”, I mean the free bumper/case program.

    **Note, if it makes any difference in your stats, I picked the last cover on the page. The Speck HD. I want full protection of this phone. It is epic in its own standards and it surpasses all other smartphones in its category.

  • youssef

    I think the reason for this delay is that apple is making the white iphone 4 with 64 gb

  • chu

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  • shoe

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