iOS Usage High Level

A recent survey by online ad network Chitika reveals that 50% of iPhones are now running iOS 4. iOS 3 is installed on 49% of iPhones, while the 1% remaining still runs the older iOS 2.

Looking more deeply, iOS 4.0 – the version released on June 21st – is the dominant single version at 44.5%. Version 4.0.1 – the latest official release for the iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPhone 4 – clocks in at only 5% of the market, not surprising given that it was released less than a week ago.

Seeing how slow iOS 4 can make your iPhone 3G, I understand why that many people didn’t update. Another reason might be that people want to keep their jailbreak. I’d be curious to know if iOS 4 adoption goes up once Spirit is released sometimes in the next few days.

What iOS version are you running on your iPhone?

  • BRS

    I’m still running 3.1.2 on my 3GS b/c I want to keep my jailbreak. Once Spirit gets released I will be updating immediately.

  • Sillybear

    Running 3.1.3 jailbroken. A stock iPhone is useless to me.

  • Stu

    ….same, 3GS with 3.1.2 until spirit is out for iOS 4, I know a lot of my cydia apps are taken care of in iOS 4, but there’s a lot that’s not!! as much as it will be nice to upgrade, my jailbreak is more important to me, I found that out the hard way on the last update!!

  • appletiser

    4.0.1 on a 3GS but only because the last spirit kept failing to install due to some kind of exception error, hopefully the next release will work…

  • ?

    I went to ios4 and ran it for 3 days and then back to 3.1.3 i needed my jailbreak back. But when new spirit is out ios4 here I come

  • ?

    Ps on my 3gs.
    My wife has now gone back from ios4 to 3.1.3 because it slowed down her 3g to much

  • Nate

    3.1.2…. Anything u can do with 4.0/4.0.1 I can do with my jailbroke 3.1.2

  • 3GS still on 3.1.2, I want to keep my Jailbreak :-).
    I have some 20 updates in app store that won’t install because i have an old version now.
    That must really suck for 3G users without Jailbreak, not getting any more updates.

  • VnABC

    Hmm 50% runs iOS 4, I just don’t believe that much percentage.
    Anyway, anyone have battery rain problem when upgrade 3GS to iOS 4?

  • Calitox

    I have a 3G i updated to iOS 4 without any problem with in fact i think is a little faster than the old one , the only thing different was that i put my phone as a new Iphone instead for restoring from a backup and then no problems, then i did the jailbreaking but only have the wallpaper enabled and i like it , what’s the deal with the 3G, is obvios that is slower than a 3GS and a 4 so enjoy the software or buy a faster iphone.

  • I have 3gs upgraded to 4.0.1, not jailbreak now, very bad news,4.0.1 not good some network reception problem net workbar only poor reception,waiting for jailbrek with spirit

  • Michael is reporting that the report cited in this article is a bit misleading:

    “Due to some confusing reports about a mobile ad analytics study, stories are proliferating on the interwebs this morning that 50% of iPhones are running iOS 4!!!1!! Later corrections modified that report to say that 50% of all web traffic is from iPhones running iOS 4!!!1! The actual report, though, shows that 50% of iPhones with installed apps using one particular ad company’s banners are using iOS 4 – a very different
    statistic. However, it does show that the new OS has penetrated pretty quickly just a month after its release. By contrast, Google reports that Froyo is
    running on just 3.3% of Android phones.”

    That aside, I have iOS 4 on my phone…learned the hard way when I tried to jailbreak it. I am thinking of upgrading to iOS 4.0.1 so as to get SHSH saved.

  • Z

    My curiosity has taken over me ever since your post about the soon coming spirit release. So a couple of days ago I restored my iphone 3gs completely to the latest 4.0.1 firmware.

    Here is my take on criticizing ios4:
    1. I don’t know HOW 3G users actually manage to run ios4 on their devices. It’s laggy even on 3GS! I definitely need to upgrade to iphone4 for more speed.
    2. I like the “shortcut” idea and with developers updating their apps, like Pandora, the backgrounding is going to be officially implemented.
    3. I wish the folders didn’t have that fixed background picture or else they could make it change as a user changes the wallpaper.
    4. I don’t like double clicking the home button! I like that gesture for favorites. Is there another way of activating the dock?
    5. iPhone 3GS runs smooth while there are no processes. The moment apps like phone, msgs, safari and settings appear in the dock, I can forget about running skype or pandora – things will start getting a little slow and a little frustrating.

    I ran a test yesterday. My wife and I went to a supermarket a little ways from home, so we were listening to pandora, and I had MapQuest running as a GPS. To my great surprise MQ and Pandora were working in sync where the music volume would be reduced when MQ had something to say. So backgrounding/multitasking in ios4 looks very promising.

    Bottom line, thought, Apple should make it available to public to be able to downgrade to the latest 3.x firmware for all the 3G/3GS users due to lack of processing speed.

    I was disappointed in not being able to create custom name picture albums, and I wish we were able to rearrange photos how we want. Having family pix, contact photos and wallpapers in one folder is a bit messy for me. Other than that, it looks nice and, as I said before, looks promising.

  • Clav

    What are the stats on 3g updating to 4.0 os as for as speed? Is it slower r faster? If it will slow my ph down, I’ll just stay with jb 3.1.2 which all working great

  • puri


  • K

    Still 3.1.2 on jailbroken 3GS.

    My 3gs is working perfectly and dont wanna lose that for now.

  • what are you talking about? My 3g had 50-60 mb free after reboot on 3.1.2. On 4.0, i’ve got 80-90 mb…

  • FunkyChicken

    I suggest that any 3G or 3Gs owners be very weary to update to the new OS 4.0.1 or 4.0…

    Sounds like any 3g or 3gs owners that have updated, have pretty much rendered their iphone useless at this point. I am most likely going to stay with my jailbroken 3.1.2 as I already have all the functions pretty much that this bloated OS has just now given their users supposedly but minus the bad battery management and slow operations.

    New isn’t always better. Come on Apple. Step it up a little on the testing. This is a really lame way to force your customers to have to upgrade to Iphone 4, the only phone that this OS should really be used on

  • I have upgraded my 32GB 3GS to iOS4.0.1, and it is working fine, some things are even faster.
    However, since the upgrade I have much worse reception, i get dropped calls, frequent No Service. Really annoying.

  • c

    i have ipod touch 2g MC model with 3.1.2 jailbroken with spirit, i have that app that tricks everything that its 3.1.3, have alot of apps that are 3.1.3 or higher and it works perfects with 3.1.2!! (with 3.1.3 coverup :P), i want ios 4 but the problem is ALOT OF APPS IN CYDIA DONT SUPPORT IT!!!!!!!!!!, thats the ONLY reason… -.- . once everyone on cydia updates their apps then im updating asap.