iPhone 4 Case Program

Those of you who purchased an iPhone 4 can claim your free case now. Following last week conference, Apple decided to give away free cases to every iPhone 4 owner to fix the antenna “non-problem”…

How to Get Your Free iPhone 4 Case

Step 1: Download the iPhone Case Program app from the App Store.

Step 2: Launch the app and login with your iTunes credentials.

Step 3: Select the case of your choice.

Step 4: Wait 3-4 weeks to receive your case.

I just ordered a black Bumper. There isn’t much selection and I assume shipping time will go up and up as you wait, so hurry up!

  • Johnnyduke

    Thanks for the heads up just ordered the bumper. The others look cheap, notice there is no incipio:(

  • VplusP

    I just ordered clear incase ultra thin case. 🙂 got an email from apple saying it will be shipped on aug 27 and delivered on sept 1.

  • Johnnyduke

    40 minutes later apple has yet to email a ship date for bumper.

  • Kev

    Is this just in usa? Cant find it in the uk.

  • Will

    I got the belkin clear case . Can’t wait

  • Rainrose

    Got the belkin clear case too. Sweet.

  • Al
  • ??

    Does any body else has issues with this app ?? It does NOT work for me. I have iPhone 4. Every time I’m trying to proccess it I get the same annoying massage “we are unable to proccess. Please try again later.”. I re-installed this app a couple of times but it’s still does not work. WTF!!

  • dan

    can some please tell my why they would release a phone that drops just about every call your on?!?!?! i have literally dropped 30 calls since i got this phone and its only been a week. to me this is unexceptable and they should be ashamed of releasing this SUB PAR product!! if you don’t have it, don’t get it!!!!!