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The rumor of the day is that the iPhone might be coming to T-Mobile, according to a “highly placed source” of Cult of Mac. While this rumor makes more sense to me than a Verizon iPhone, I still don’t believe the hype. To be honest with you, I think this was completely made up by Cult of Mac just so they can get other people (like me) to talk about them.

Talks between Apple and T-Mobile are at an advanced stage, our source says, and it’s 80 percent likely that the iPhone will be coming to T-Mobile in Q3.

Apple can’t make enough iPhone 4 for themselves but they’re going to give it to T-Mobile anyway? Nah!

If you read this blog on a regular basis, you know I don’t believe in the Verizon iPhone for one main reason. Verizon operates on the dying CDMA network, while pretty much the rest of the world, including AT&T and T-Mobile, operates on the GSM network. So technically, the iPhone could work on T-Mobile… except there are hardware issues…

Historically, the iPhone has never been compatible with T-Mobile’s 3G network which operates on the 1700/2100 MHz bands. While the iPhone 4 added the 2100 MHz band, it still lacks the 1700 MHz, which Cult of Mac claims Apple could have kept secret.

Yes, this rumor makes more sense to me than the crazy Verizon rumors but still, I do not think this is real. If anything, I predict the iPhone will come to T-Mobile in 2012, when the Apple/AT&T exclusivity agreement comes to an end. I doubt Apple would want to get into a lawyers fight with AT&T over the iPhone.

What do you think? Real rumor? Fake rumor?

  • Blubber

    In Germany t-mobile have the exclusive Rights for all iphones.
    Also for iPhone 4!

    So it wouldn’t Be à Wonder if they would sell it somewhere Else too.

  • BTelks

    no other carriers are getting the iPhone til 2012. mark my words. people are just starting these rumors for attention.

    • sandra

      i guess you’re eating your words now.

  • Blubber

    As i Said in germany is t-mobile the only Carrier. I Need to Know it, i Write this comment with my iPhone 3gs of t-mobile. And after November i’ll have à iPhone 4 from t-mobile.
    Here is the Link for the German t-mobile:

    greetz from germany

  • VPA021

    Where does it state that AT&T and apple have contract until 2012?

  • BTelks

    They signed a 5 year agreement in 07. I’m sure you could google it.

  • Joe

    Wow i feel privileged here in Canada. IPhones are on our 4 major providers Fido,Rogers,Telus,and Bell. And were getting our network upgraded to 21Mbps after launch.

  • doesn’t at all out of the question to me.
    T-Mobile is the iPhone network/retailer in Germany and has been from the beginning. In England it is Vodaphon. Here in Europe, there nearly as many carriers as there are countries – no ATT. When traveling here, the iPhone (any mobile phone) logs into any of the carriers with roaming agreements with one’s own as soon as one crosses a boarder, sometimes just getting close to one suffices if their field strength is higher. I have never had any problems with my jailbroken 2G with Vodaphon sim.
    Obviously there csn be no technical issues involved with the phone itself. Which bands the FCC lets T-Mobile use is a separate issue. And of
    course, Apple’s contract(s) with ATT are also not to be overlooked.


  • I Completely agree Sebastien, T-mobile in reality cant afford the iPhone what i’m hearing is that talks broke down some time ago because of apple asking for a boat load cash which t-mobile cant afford or would go bankrupt if they paid.

  • ghettocowboy

    T-Mobile 3G network is so much faster than AT&T 3G network. Just that it is so small, only 30+ cities. But for me, it works well since I only travel between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. TMobile has HPSA+ for both cities, 21mbps speed.
    But putting a radio frequency 1700 on is as easy as installing graphic card in a computer. So this could be very possible for tmob to get iPhone

  • HongKonger

    then how do you guys explain why at&t decided to let customers whose contracts end by the end of this year get an advanced upgrade to iPhone 4? It seems to me that they know another carrier will also have the iPhone 4 before the year’s end.

  • @LappyGirl

    I really don’t know what to think…T-Mobile is pretty much non-existent where I live. I can’t imagine Apple going to a company who’s coverage is LESS than AT&T. Who know. Apple always surprises me.

    My question is this..Don’t people unlock & use T-Mobile now? If the iphone isn’t compatible, are there features that currently won’t work for people who do that? Just curious.

    • @LappyGirl You can unlock your iPhone for T-Mobile but you won’t be able to use their 3G network due to their specific frequencies that are currently not supported by the iPhone. So basically, you can do everything but 3G. Edge works fine though.
      Hope that answers your question.

  • BTelks

    hongkonger, that’s exactly what I was thinking too. but I’m wondering if it was just a way to get people to spend their money on the new phone now instead of maybe chainging their mind later. and it’s hard to tell if that was apple or AT&T’s doing. I guess I just really want tmobile to get the iPhone and if I keep telling myself it won’t happen, then I won’t be dissapointed if it doesn’t, and if it does then score!!

  • BTelks

    for people who use iPhone with tmobile in USA, they don’t have 3G or visual voicemail. that’s all.

  • BTelks

    can’t do visual vm either

  • ghettocowboy

    @Lappygirl, I dont know where you live but every company has dead spots and happen to be tmob in your your area. I have lived in Hawaii for a year, New Mexico (Albuquerque and Santa Fe) for 2 years, I live in Oregon for a Year, Seattle a Year, Chicago for a 8 months, Boston for a year, Las Vegas for almost 3 years, and I opened my Tmob plan in 2001 in SoCal. I find it Tmob network is better than AT&T for voice plan under those states since they took over voicestream back in the old days. Currently I travel back and forth between Las Vegas and Los Angeles and AT&T is the worse in Las Vegas. Tmob works so much better in Las Vegas d for SoCal, I cant tell which is better since Socal is a big city and both work pretty well. The reason I know is I signed with ATT when iPhone 3GS first came out. I used it for over a month and found that AT&T network is crappy in Vegas so I canceled the service and got stucked with an iPhone 3GS and paid $175 ETF.

    As for 3G network, Tmob is new and their 3G network is very small. Lucky enough, I only travel between Vegas and LA and Tmob has HPSA+ in these 2 cities so my 3G connection is way faster than my friend iPhone 4 3G connection under AT&T

    To me, AT&T voice network is barely better than Sprint. Only their 3G network is almost comparable to verizon 3G. Verizon 3G is slow because they prolly have a lot of 3G subscribers.

  • ghettocowboy

    And also, if AT&T network is so good, why is apple trying over 100000000 times and 1000000 different ways to ditch AT&T???

  • Manuel Vitela

    Because more carriers means more money