Just before he said goodbye to the jailbreak community last week, Geohot recommended we follow his friend Mike Cohen for all future news related to a jailbreak. The kid went from a handful of followers to over 10,000 in just a few days…

Today Mike Cohen tweeted the following, making people believe LimeRa1n might be just around the corner:

Mike Cohen tweets about a possible jailbreak

Is Geohot Back?

A few people have speculated that Geohot might be back on the jailbreak scene under a new name. I don’t believe this theory. For one, the Twitter stream of Mike Cohen looks nothing like what Geohot would tweet. But perhaps, and most importantly, the tweets from Mike Cohen are sent from a Blackberry and I really doubt Geohot would be using one of those.

My Theory

I believe that Geohot is not back and doesn’t plan to, at least for a few weeks. I believe that he asked us to follow Mike Cohen so his friend could gain thousands of followers easily. I believe Mike Cohen tweeted about that earlier today to revive the buzz around him and gain even more followers.

I’m sure Geohot will eventually be back. I don’t believe this is happening now. Right now, we’re just being fooled by a kid who wants to capitalize on the fame of his buddy Geohot and add followers to his Twitter account.

What do you think is going on? Do you think this Mike Cohen is real? Do you think he is Geohot? I’d like to know what you guys think of this all.

  • dr.love

    but why he has new profile at twitter now?
    look http://twitter.com/Geohot_dev

  • Jimmy

    I totally agree with you that he’s just trying to get some of his fame. At this point I’ve given up on GeoHot… He’s a smart kid with a HUGE ego problem. He really needs to grow up!!

    • StreetTactic

      I’d have to say the type of post Jimmy made is exactly what I would walk away from if I was in his shoes. Infact I have, we all Have skills others around us might need, auto repair, web dev, iPhone hacking, cooking, whatever. If you’re constantly hounded and talked crap about because the person or friend you’re hooking up is incapa or of figuring it out for themselves, anyone would say you know what “screw it” and move on to greener pastures. I use Skype over 3G and MiWi for business and I just as angered reading some of these powder puff high schoolers responding with ridiculous responses like yours. If he doesn’t come back, good for him. Maybe, although I doubt it, you’ll learn some humility.

  • Mike

    I think GeoHot is an %#*%#£¥. I really don’t care what he does from this point on. He can invent the coolest gadget or software ever seen on earth and I would stear clear of it just because he’s an &$@*^%($&

  • Brian

    I agree with this :

    “Right now, we’re just being fooled by a kid who wants to capitalize on the fame of his buddy Geohot and add followers to his Twitter account.”

    And this :

    “he’s just trying to get some of his fame. At this point I’ve given up on GeoHot… He’s a smart kid with a HUGE ego problem. He really needs to grow up!!”

    Although, I gave up on the egomaniac a long time ago when it was apparent, he was a childish egomaniac who thinks his $hit smells better then others and whose every software release was buggier then an insect convention, while he denied this and called people ‘idiots, if you cant get my perfect software to work’….Not to mention the many silly games he plays or the way he enjoys giving people the ‘screw job’…..

    I’m just glad he is gone and hope he stays gone and that others are finally seeing him for the douche bag he really is.

    I cant believe he tried to sucker somebody to send him a new iphone recently….He literally told some guy to donate a new iphone to him…..thankfully, the guy didnt take the bait and send him one…..and then a day or 2 later he pulled the fake jb pic game……then disappeared and did not refund RECENT donations to those that were donating to him under the premise he was working on an new explot. Funny how he happily took these donations and has refused to refund them even tho he knew he wasnt gonna do an exploit.

    • Brian Geohot did what he did for a reason! Because of $hitholes like you he gave up coz everyone said he was making things up!
      After what u guys say I don’t blame him for giving up. He recently released limera1n for those who can afford an iPhone. If you all think your so good try to make a jailbreak yourself!
      After a few days people will treat u like $hit as well coz ur jailbreak would be nothing! Geohot was the original jailbreak maker! He deserves a lot more credit than what u a$$holes give him!

  • Jeff

    I don’t know forsure and don’t care. I do know that I will use his jailbreak if he comes out with a untethered one but he won’t be getting a donation from me this time because the kid does need to grow up. I know people are naturally annoying and impatient but thats the life of a geek, i know, deal with it or stop computing. Looks like he may have gone with plan B. Just thank god he isn’t a movie star

  • Benexpertise

    So mike if geohot brought out a jb and nonone else could you wouldn’t jb yeah ? No ? Dude has ego but no one can deny the fact that he has more hack talent than most could pray for. Tbh I wish everyone would leave the guy alone. Anyone that comes on these blogs saying he is an egotistical **** clearly has more than enough ego themselves.

  • Jon Garrett

    so not only is GeoHOt a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ but his friends are too? like, WTF?!?!

  • dr.love

    ey really guys i can understand him,he is very smart but to many ppl complain to him,so if that would happen to me ,of course i would be also do my own things and give a shit to the haters,so i think thats only normal,he is smart guy but not to much ego,the ppl are hating to much thats all

  • Thefallen

    Mehhh I keep thinking GeoHot is an a-hole ^_^

  • Mike

    “Benexpertise said:
    So mike if geohot brought out a jb and nonone else could you wouldn’t jb yeah ? No ? Dude has ego but no one can deny the fact that he has more hack talent than most could pray for. Tbh I wish everyone would leave the guy alone. Anyone that comes on these blogs saying he is an egotistical **** clearly has more than enough ego themselves.”


  • dr.love

    anyway he give a shit what u and the others think about him

  • slimm

    Screw mike and Geohasbeen, too much ego floating around, the want this susppense to keep goin, I gotta exploit to shower them with, I call it “Golden Ra1n”

    PS give the donators the money back THAT U STOLE!!

  • Dave

    I think it’s pretty simple…Mike Cohen is Geohot’s friend and business partner. Geohot didn’t like the negativity and selfishness that he perceived in the scene and he wanted to get away from that, but he certainly liked the donations that came after he released something. As well he should, he’s incredibly talented and works hard on these things so he has every right to be rewarded financially if he wants. And I think he’s to be commended for only accepting optional donations AFTER a working tool is released. He’s never once resorted to the “donate now so I can buy ______ and maybe hopefully do something with it” method that is all too common.

    So…my “theory” is that by the time this all went down and he decided to leave he had already found the exploit and had the framework of the jailbreak working. To sit on that would be a loss of who knows how many thousands of dollars in donations. I think he’s going to release it at some point and simply allow Mike Cohen to be the face on Twitter and act as his buffer. There won’t be any direct contact, Tweets, blog posts, etc from Geohot. The tool will just appear on the website along with the donation button, which will probably link to a different account than Geohot’s Gmail that he used before. Mike Cohen will manage all of this for him and Geohot gets to stay in the shadows and just watch the donations roll in daily.

  • Dave

    @slimm, that’s a stupid comment. The very idea of “stolen donations” is laughable in the first place, but Geohot never once took donations in advance to buy a device or with promises to do anything. He bought the devices out of his pocket, developed and released working tools, THEN accepted donations. Go back and read the blog posts regarding blackra1n and purplera1n (if they still exist in Google cache or somewhere) and you’ll see that I’m right. Anyone who donated to him donated for the tools that he already released, which are still available and still work on the firmwares they were intended for.

    Geohot could be a complete douche at times but to accuse him of stealing donations after the approach he took is just silly. Take a look at Chronic Dev…they’ve literally been accepting donations for years and not released a single thing of any use in terms of jailbreaking. That’s how you steal donations.

  • Thefallen

    Hahaha stealing donations!!! What an oxymoron!! LMAO!

  • Brian

    Dave you are wrong. Are You Geo? If not, then how can you claim to know he doesnt take donations in advance?

    That is not only absurd, but 100% wrong and far too easily proven wrong.

    There are alot of people who did donate to him via the donate link on his blog.

    The donate link did not just appear AFTER a release. It was always there.

    Furthermore, there are alot of people that donated to him recently under the hopes/premise that he would be working on an exploit.

    Were people wrong to ‘assume’ and then donate anyway?

    Possibly, but it doesnt change the fact that people did donate and Geo has refused to refund any donations. He simply played 1 last game with the fake exploit and then disappeared, while naturally blaming others for why he was ‘leaving’, when he is the only one to blame for his actions and what his actions caused others to do.

    The guy does all the crap he did and then wonders why people rag on him?

    Not much of a genius if he cant figure that one out.

    Furthermore, very recently, literally just days before he disappeared, he was on twitter ASKING SOMEBODY TO DONATE A NEW IPHONE TO HIM!!!!

    If you wanna be a geo fanboy, feel free. But if others want to ream geo and rightfully so I might add, then they have every right to.

    HIS VERY OWN ACTIONS caused the backlash he is now facing. Had he simply been ‘normal’, people would not be reaming him for no reason at all. He is being reamed and for good reason. That reason is HIS OWN ACTIONS!!

    Personally, I think he should stand in front of a mirror and ream himself or does he just like that from 15 – 19 year old boys?

    • People may want to invest in future software development. It is there choice but geohot gave his best and he delivered ***WORKING*** Jailbreak tools. Chronic dev team have been stealing pals money for years and the only thing that they made was recovery!

  • Vik071

    I think that Geohot is a dick and Mike Cohenan ass.

  • dr.love

    now check this site and look what i found and start to believe me,i told ya that he comes back 😉


  • Bermuda316

    If geohot is an ass then all of you are too. Key word is (kid). If you guys hate him so much and vow never to use anything he releases then shut the he’ll up and leave him alone. For all the people that hate the kid why don’t you create the jailbreak yourself and shut the he’ll up

    • Well said bermuda316!!!! I’m a kid to.
      I’m only 13 but I can code vb, c#, c++, HTML. Geohot if someone wants a jailbreak why don’t you listen to Bermuda316 and do it yourself. I have been trying to make one myself since I was 11 and it’s not easy!

  • thefallen

    Hahaha ok ok I’ll shut the “HE’LL” up hahahah…

  • Mike

    You guys are pathetic.
    Donations? REFUNDS? Please check out the meaning of DONATIONS in dictionary.com and how refunds apply only to BUYING stuff.
    He didnt need the overwhelming “attention” you guys gave. And by that I mean begging. All he did was give free exploits with the toys he had and you dickheads are making a gigantic fuss out of it, just cause he doesnt want to do so anymore? Hell, how much do you think your donations was worth anyway. Thousands? Ten thousands? Hundred thousands? If anyone have the rights to be angry its Apple and Game devs who lost hundreds of millions.

    He is only a douche because there are ignorant fools. Ignorant fools everywhere.

  • BriOnH

    Really good article, thank you!

    I think you hit the nail on the head. Mike Cohen is nothing nor has been anything in the JB community. Sure I hope I am wrong and a release comes out, but logic would suggest, by geo’s posts about how he was sick of us, that this is just another nail in the coffin of Geo leaving.