Comex to Release Spirit iOS 4 Soon

Comex gave some good news today on Twitter when he confirmed that he was not going to wait for iOS 4.1 to release an updated version to Spirit, the jailbreak tool that will work with iOS 4 and iOS 4.0.1.

The right thing to do would be to save your SHSH blobs with Firmware Umbrella to insure you can always downgrade to a previous iOS in the future. It is the right thing to do, but it is certainly not mandatory.

With PlanetBeing and MuscleNerd being almost done on their iPhone 4 unlock, it now makes sense to release Spirit.


  • Izzy

    @javier 3g u can upgrade with redsn0w

  • Javier


    But Redsn0w 0.9.4 appears not to be untethered for new bootrom MC models…Can you confirm this please ?. Thanks.

  • Izzy

    @javier O im srry i thot u sed 3g but wit 3gs if you are on 3.1.2 use snowbreeze if not this will wrk

  • Beavis

    Can’t wait for this. Ahhh hello 5 rows n 5 icon dock 

  • Devilish

    Does anyone have a +- on the ETA??

  • darquiel

    Very excited – Can’t wait!

  • Luis R.


    on comex’s twitter he was asked wats the eta hours, days, weeks. He responded and said days so my best estimate would be real soon!

  • Andy

    @ Izzy

    I have a 3gs it was jailbroken but had to restore as I unlocked the 3gs with official carrier. Bought the phone jailbroken so do not know which method was used to jb. I am on ios4.0 at the minute. Only found out about the shsh blobs when it was too late. I would like to save the shsh blobs for 4.0.1 but would like to jailbreak when the new spirit comes out.

    What are my options???

  • Izzy

    @andy Save ur shsh n wait for spirit unless whn u bought it the shsh had alrdy been saved wit cydia if so then you can downgrade to verify if you do or dont jus google how to downgrade 3gs to whichever firmware you were on if it works u good to go if not just wait shud be out in couple days

  • Andy

    So i cant save ios4 shsh blobs but I can still save the 4.1/4.0.1 blobs using tinyumbrella?? Now do i have to upgrade to 4.1 to save the shsh blobs or can tinyumbrella do it without the upgrade??

    If i wait for the spirit upgrade, without the shsh blobs I will never be able to downgrade to an older firmware if anything ever goes wrong effectively bricking the phone??? When spirit is released will it be a major problem if i do not have the shsh blobs

    I know its alot of questions, thanks for all the info already given. New to the iphone for a start but learning through people like yourself.

  • Blair

    U use tinyubrella it works fine soz I can’t get a link hope this helps

  • Brian casey

    I know the guys are working hard but my iphone 4 is ready for freedom

  • Horncrowned

    5 days ago I used Tinyumbrella to save my SHSH-blobs (4.0). Was I to late? Do I have to upgrade to 4.0.1 and save that SHSH-blob instead?


  • spirit follower

    the release is in 10 hours for spirit its on his official website under comments

  • Jason masters

    No it’s not stop spreading fake info and the site you sourced isn’t even his so please stop and be patient don’t make up stuff just to get noticed. Idiot.

  • Tcp

    The comments on the real site aren’t even loading for me 🙁

  • spirit follower cheak it ur self dick face

  • Jason masters

    First you posted now you post your an idiot and he said not to pay attention to the comments again your an idiot!

  • Jason Masters

    The release date of the next jailbreak is “when it’s done”. Don’t trust what people write in the comments. 😉


    David said:
    Could someone PLEEEASE tell me what SHSH blobs are? I’m using 4.0 on an iPhone 4.




  • Ron

    Just so everyone knows, the release date is rumored to be around July 27th, so it shouldn’t be that much more of a wait

  • Zukes

    I’m ANXIOUS I tell ya, ANXIOUS!!! I want to jailbreak ASAP. I heard they’re releasing it July 27th, or July 31st… Let’s just say July 27 – August 1st.
    Sigh.. How am I gonna live through that.
    My iPhone is starving, and the jailbreak is my iphone’s turkey.
    Please… Release now Comex, MuscleNerd, DevTeam…

  • Zukes

    That’s only 2 more days… I’ll die by then !!!
    Special thanks to all those spirit people, and the devTeam.
    You rock. Y’all rock.

  • Lagtw

    July 27th… Hmm… Wait, isn´t that today?!?!?!

  • Zukes

    Yeah.. That’s today..
    But on Comex’s twitter, he said next Sunday -_-
    Which is… August 8th!!!

  • I cant wait for my iPhone 4 to be jailbroken.

  • chango

    Dont release it yet ……….

    Dont say ur this close to releasing it just do it

  • tweety

    omg what date does the jailbreak come out can u tell me?

  • tweety

    omg can u guys tell me when it comes out??? cant wait

  • Jason masters

    It’s coming out with the new 5.0 update sometime next year.

  • Thedude

    Don’t say omg that’s so gay just wait it will come soon you want it to work right

  • Dimitry

    According to Wikipedia, Spirit is supposed to be released tomorrow (31st of July). However the Spirit website says that the release date is “when it’s done”. just be patient guys it might come out anytime tomorrow 🙂

  • Zukes

    That’s too long… He needs to release it First thing in the morning.
    When I wake up, I’m gonna check my twitter. If he didn’t release it yet, I’m going to bash his computer.. If I ever.. See it… hehe.

  • Dimitry

    if you don’t get to his computer.. u can bash ur own computer (i’m not responsible if it breaks or smth xD)

  • Dimitry

    Huh this is confusing, the thing keeps changing in Wikipedia, yesterday it said “today” , today it said “when it’s done” and now it says “tomorrow”. oh come on 🙁

    • Izzy

      @dimitry jus follow @comex on twitter

  • Moe

    23 more minutes and it is the day that the JB is “supposedly” to be released!!

  • Dimitry

    there’s no release date yet..

  • Dimitry

    yo guys the jailbreak is out 🙂

  • Dimitry

    My iPod touch 2g (MC model) is now jailbroken, with Multitasking and Background Wallpaper enabled 😉

  • Nick

    I found a Jailbreak that works on 3GS and Ipod 3rd Gen mc models… simply type in… into your safari brouser address bar on your idevice and follow the very simple instructions… as easy as that… email me if any problems…

    • Ben

      Hello whenever I jailbreak my iPod using this it always goes into safe mode then won’t come out 🙁 do you have any idea what I need to do ??

      • Nick

        Witch iPod do u use and are u restoring from 4.1

      • Ben

        iPod touch 2g mc model n off 4.0 a think

  • joel

    I jus jailbroke my ipod touch 3g mc model running IOS4 with…thanx Dimitry and Nick…still waiting on the spirit 4.0 jailbreak though 😛

  • Nick

    For Ipod 2G MC models Try this…

  • Ben

    That isn’t for mc models tho !!! He clearly sea don’t use with mc models

  • up yours


  • Jason masters

    You idiot it’s already out sheesh read the blogs I don’t know how many people still asking for a jailbreak freaking retards I tell ya!!

  • Devin

    I am very excited! When is this supposed to be released ? i keep checking for an update but they havent put it up yet.
    Bummer .

  • cox

    spirit jailbreak os 4.0 for iphone 3gs badly needed asap…. spirit the best cant jailbreak my phone waiting for spirit

  • jack

    ITS OUT….. ive got it

  • Mik

    Hey jack plzz give me the download link of the latest spirit. Plz.