Save SHSH Blob

With the release of Spirit now imminent, it would be a good thing to save your SHSH blob, in case you need to downgrade in the future. Saving your iPhone SHSH is very simple.

Step 1: Download Firmware Umbrella from here.

Step 2: Launch Firmware Umbrella and plug your iPhone in.

Step 3: Click “Save My SHSH” and wait for Firmware Umbrella to do the job.

Done! A copy will be saved to your computer and it will also send a request to Cydia to save your SHSH on Saurik’s server.

  • Iforgot

    I have a iphone 4 updated to 4.2.1 and i forgot to save my 4.1 shsh files.What can i do? is there a website to download this files?

  • Dev

    Bro please help me.I bought new iPhone 4.
    My doubt is can we downgrade iOS which i will get with my new iPhone to a previous version?
    please reply me

    • Spikeyyy

      M not sure if u will be able to downgrade to lower version OS if it’s pre loaded with 4.2.1.

  • dev

    please i want some help.My iphone 4 is preloaded with 4.2.1 can i jailbreak it?
    and also before jailbreak should i save shsb blob?

    • wait for an untethered jailbreak to come out

    • spikeyyy

      Yeah … U may have to wait for unthethered JB. I promise it will be worth waiting.

  • dev

    thnx for reply .I will wait.

  • Pedro vaca

    I have a iphone 4 updated to 4.2.1 and i forgot to save my 4.1 shsh files.What can i do? is there a website to download this files?

  • Pedro vaca

    I have a iphone 4 updated to 4.2.1 and i forgot to save my 4.1 shsh files.What can i do? is there a website to download this files? Thanks!!

  • Pedro vaca

    I have a iPhone 4 update to 4.2.1 and I forgot to save my 4.1 shsh files . What can I do ? Is there a website to download this files or what? Thanks!!

  • Alex

    I have an iPod Touch 3g 8gb on iOS 4.1,is there a way to downgrade to any of these versions 3.1.2, 3.1.3, or 3.2,I would really appreciate the help

  • Ryan

    Alex, use the latest version of limera1n. For iOS 4.1 download from

  • Josh

    I was forced to restore and it upgraded from 4.1 to 4.2.1 and removed my jailbreak. Can i get it back if i didnt save shsh blobs yet? Plz respond i will check tomarrow

  • Thanks for the info bro.
    But I need you to clarify something for me pls:

    I have a 3Gs (MC Model) was originally on 3.1.3, I did jailbreak it and saved my SHSH.
    Cydia showed this note on the top of the screen (SHSH 4.2.1+) ~What does this mean??
    Then I upgraded to 4.2.1
    But now I want to go back to 3.1.3

    Is this possible? Pls pls pls get back to me ASAP!!!

  • meoby

    i have been running my 3g on 5.15 bb and 4.0.2 and i just upgraded to 4.2.1 without researching the extent of the unlock. I dont want to have to change my bb because the phone is still under warranty and will be getting at 3gs soon and would like to be able to sell the 3g.. i dont have any shsh files saved personally .. would cydia have saved those for me if i had been running that app?.. i dont know what to do i really dont want to change to bb but now i dont have a phone to use

  • use greenpoison to jailbreak 4.2.1 its untethered

  • Muneiza

    I updated my iphone 4 to 4.3.1, jail-broke and unlocked it. Jailbreaking works fine but my SIM is not recognized. Should I downgrade or is there any other solution. Appreciate it:)

  • Chris

    Hi all, I am new to the shsh thing and need assistance. My hardware warranty is up soon and apple is going to replace my phone for a second time due to a hardware issue. My iphone 4 is fully functional and I am on firmare 4.3.3. When I get the new phone it will be on 4.3.5. If I save my shsh blobs before getting the replacement phone, is there any way to downgrade the replacement so I can re-jailbreak? Any help would be appreciated as I dont know what I would do without a

  • nazarii

    i’ve got iPad2 simple wifi on 4.3.5 without saving anything before. does it mean that i’m i can do nothing with it now?

  • asees

    i have ios 4.2.1 in iphone 3gs i havent save shsh blobs, is any way to save shsh blobs now which apple stop signing ………..plz plz help me

  • When I bought my factory unlocked second hand iphone 4, I asked the guy to update it to iOS5 5.0;
    Now I don’t have anything else.
    Should I download this?

  • Anonymous

    My 3GS running 4.1 operating system has a corrupt or missing ‘Modem Firmware’ or Baseband, I have been trying alsorts to re-install / flash, but I cannot find anyone with a good solution, if it is hardware related, which chip is it and what is the baseband file extension (what type of file is it).
    I get everything working except the it will not find the network and continually searches. When I run restore through iTunes I get error 1002.
    I do not have the saved SHSH file either. The only solution I have seen that looks like it may work involves rolling back to version 1.1.1 but without the SHSH file I don’t know how to do it………. any help would be great.

  • Israel

    pls i need shsh blob for ios 5.0 for my iphone 3gs.can someone help me>>>

  • GyAn KunTal

    I have a que.. If i save shsh of ios 7.0.4 iphone 5s.. Can i go to 7.0.3 or any other downgrade..

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