I hope you’re not holding your breath for the white iPhone 4. It was supposed to be available at the same time as the black iPhone 4, on June 24th, the official launch day. Then reports started showing up saying the white model wouldn’t be available at launch after all. Putting an end to its silence, Apple decided to communicate and said the white iPhone 4 would be out by mid July. Mid July just went by and Apple now says the long-awaited white version of the latest iPhone will launch at the end of July.

There is still no official launch date for the white iPhone 4 but a Chinese Newspaper finally gives us more details regarding the “manufacturing challenges” Apple is facing. 21st Century Business Herald said the problem comes from manufacturing issues at Lens Technology, Apple’s glass supplier. According to Apple Insider:

A worker with the company’s quality control department said that the company is still trying to work out the right balance of paint thickness and opacity, in order to ensure the panel allows enough space for the digitizer overlay, but also gives the level of white that Apple expects the product to have.

Additionally, the reports says Lens Technology can only cut 3 iPhone 4 glass covers per hour, which is half Apple’s demand.

Now I am no engineer but I still can’t understand why it’s taking them so long to figure out how much paint they need. I also can’t understand why they have no problem with the black model, which also requires a certain amount of paint.

This is all strange to me. Even stranger is Apple’s silence about it. If it wasn’t for third party reports, we’d still be wondering what’s going on with the white iPhone.

In the meantime, my fiancee stopped waiting for the white model and ordered a black iPhone 4 today. I’m sure she’s not the only one.

Are you still waiting for the White iPhone 4?

  • Chris

    I will wait that bit longer, it’s worth it

  • George

    I got black one 3 weeks ago, but decided to sell it because of antenna problem. I’m waiting 30th of September, to order a new one , hopefully fixed and painted in white 🙂

  • Didnt Apple announce a date for the white iPhone at their recent “everyones antenna does that, it’s physics” press conference? I thought so, but I guess it could have been just a “end of the month” mention.

  • Troy Stanley

    The reason for the paint issue is that white is an opaque color. It is hard to get a consistent white color mixture in plastic. Black is easy as it is dark and is a combination of several different colors therefore making it harder to see swirl marks from uneven color mixture. As well, black colorant will absorb heat better than white so it will melt and mix into the plastic better.

  • Jason masters

    It’s all an elaborate ruse to keep people interested in the iphone4 and to boost sales once they start rolling out

  • Sonny

    If you can’t get the phones – everyone will want them! Simple as that.

  • E

    Still waiting fur white. Only way to be different anymore. And black is opaque. White is transparent which is why it’s harder to conceal flaws and have absolute whiteness.

  • that_girl

    Yes, but if it doesn’t come out by July 30, I will buy the black one. They said second half of July and I will wait no longer.

  • justabrake

    my Thoughts on it was, Fixed Antenna issues, New Boot rom in it,

  • Personally I feel that white phone is less attractive when compared to black one. although, you’ll certainly see less finger prints on the white model. I guess white iPhone 4 would hit stores by the end of july… 🙂 Eagerly waiting…

  • ryan

    honestly its not worth it to wait, its just a color no different features. but for some reason i feel like i have to get a white one. maybe because ive had black the past two iphones. but it looks sooo good in white

  • Dadditude

    I originally wanted the white one, but got a black 16GB when the white wasn’t available. After using it, I decided I liked the black one better anyway. I finally talked my wife into getting an iPhone, so I just ordered a 32GB in black, and will let her have the 16GB once the 32 comes in.

  • aian

    I ordered the black one because I thought the contrast between the black and the metal would look really good. However, when mine came in the store I did not pick it up . After seeing how gorgeous the white ones are. I’ve been waiting. Hoping that it would come out no later than the end of July. Hopefully we will be albe to pick them up in the store by July 30 or earlier.

  • Matt

    Been waiting, and checking Apple.com for pre-orders every day for a while now. I just want the option. I have a white 3GS- I just like that they are different. Almost every phone nowadays is black. A crisp white one, to me, seems classier. I’m waiting until it’s time- then I’m ordered a 32gb white model.

  • Matt


  • Jon

    The white iPhone 4 is worth the wait 10 percent. I just wish apple would tell us the exact date for when it comes out and the exact date we can pre order it. I still think there is a chance they will not allow pre orders and just handle it like the 3g, with first come first serve. If you look at Apple.com, they changed it from “Unavailable to pre-order” to “Unavailable to order”.

  • Jon Garrett

    knowing Apple, I wont be surprised if the white i4 doesnt ship until summer 2011, and they’ll call it the iphone 4S, and charge you more money for it, maybe add one or two little features to it to pass it off as an iphone 4b or something like that.

  • Justabrake

    So what are they going to call this

    Iphone 4-1/2 

  • justabrake

    This ebay seller that I bought external batteries from twice has the back cover for the 4G “WHITE” iphone on his ebay page

    Original iPhone 4 G back cover FULL housing glass White

    100% Brand NEW and ORIGINAL Apple 4 back cover glass Full Housing.


  • Cody Anderson

    why would any one by that its like 360 bucks