MuscleNerd Unlocks iPhone 4Just a few days after PlanetBeing revealed the first iPhone 4 unlock, MuscleNerd just showed his very own unlock in a tweet sent earlier today.

The two members of the Dev Team have been working on 3 different options to unlock the iPhone 4. PlanetBeing was the first to find one out, and now MuscleNerd got his 2nd and 3rd ideas working.

Now the hardest part of the job is done, they will compare their unlock solutions by taking into account the loading time and the stability of the unlocks. Once MuscleNerd and PlanetBeing agree on the best solution, they will most likely update ultrasn0w.

There would be no point updating ultrasn0w without releasing a jailbreak first, which Comex apparently has had ready for quite a while now. The team has given us any estimated release date but it seems it’s now just a matter of days.

  • Juan

    that’s great and while I can appreciate the unlock, I don’t care about it at all. I just want the jailbreak tools updated. =)

  • Steven

    I can’t wait for the jailbreak!!!

  • Filipe

    And how about the 3gs 4.0.1 jailbreak?? I mean they already jailbreaked the 3G with 4.0
    and the rest of us???

  • Unlock!!! yea!!! Thanks guys…

  • Eric

    Sweeeeeeeet, I dont have an iphone 4 but i just requested service for my iphone 3gs and a new one is being shipped to me and it will probably have iOS4.0.1 on it and it will probably be a new bootroom 🙁 there goes all my SHSH Blobs i have saved on Sauriks server…FML Hopefully it will be the old bootrom but my chances of that are slim to none…and to be at 3.1.3 is probably a slim chance too. Come on jailbreak thanks Dev Team!

  • bye geohot?

  • steveb

    yep jailbreak please!

  • Lok

    Who is geohot

  • What about the 3Gs with MC?
    Nice work from you guys.

  • John


  • Lukeluke

    few more day? where did you get that from.
    i heard few more day few weeks ago.

  • David

    Any of you guys know what the advantages of having iPhone 4 on T-Mobile USA would be? I heard that it wouldn’t support 3G due to radio frequency characteristics, but would that be a dealbreaker?

    The thing about T-Mobile is that they DO offer unlimited data.

  • Juan

    @David I would think no advantages. You lose out on Visual Voicemail since AT&T has the monopoly on that. With the previous iPhones, they were not supposed by T-Mobile’s 3G network, only Edge. Not sure if that’s the case with iPhone 4 but I bet it is.

    So they offer unlimited data… What’s the most data you’ve ever used in a month? If it’s under 2GB then why should you care about “unlimited” which is probably really capped at 5GB anyways (like AT&T and Verizon).

  • No Geo is a Magician, he is behind the curtains, hiding somewhere.. He will come out soon too.. Cuz he was a 1st one and he cannot be away from this..

  • Blapp

    Just to point it out, he did say “2nd of 3” not “2nd and 3rd” method :o)

  • SoCoMagNuM

    Im honestly interested in the jailbreak myself. I really miss my 3G unrestrictor, tonesfx and qTweeter.

    As far as the at&t unlimited deal..on average i use just under 4gb a month. I browse web alot on the go, download/update apps, play online games and stream pandora radio in my car just about everywhere i go. I also facebook and aim alot aswell as watch youtube videos (in HD via JB) So blame people like me that are data hungry iphone users for caps lol. Im still grandfathered into unlimited data so doesnt really effect me.

  • Yuumoon

    My iPhone 3Gs been blocked by imie number how can I change the number.please help

  • Who’s geohot? He was the kid that hardware unlocked the 1st iPhone. But he’s since started acting like a douche bag. He’s got skills though so I have to give him that. He just let all the negativity get the best of him. Hopefully someday he’ll realize all of us aren’t naggers who send him hate mail and ask about release dates.

  • DR. Greenfingers

    Whoop Whoop

  • tom laskowski

    Sorry for the bump – I see this is a pretty old and probably well covered subject somewhere else, but . . . .

    “@David I would think no advantages. You lose out on Visual Voicemail since AT&T has the monopoly on that. With the previous iPhones, they were not supposed by T-Mobile’s 3G network, only Edge. Not sure if that’s the case with iPhone 4 but I bet it is.”

    So . . . there would really be no advantage to jumping up to the iphone 4 from a 3gs? I’ve considered the upgraded phone and was looking for big advantages from doing so?

    Guess not? I understand the 0 voice male option, but surely there has to be something to entice me to use the phone.

  • timothy

    My thoughts on the Iphone4 versus the Iphone 3GS

    retina displays much higher resolution , pictures and videos are actually now picture frame quality not some hazy blurry crap like the 3g.
    The Iphone4 processesor & memory must be upgraded because the iphone4 is much much much faster in all areas than a 3gs. There is simply no waiting for anything, it does everything very fast.
    It has dual cameras, camera with led flash is lightyears better than the 3gs.
    multitasking natively supported by apple, which was not OFFICIALLY on the 3G..
    Internet is much faster not sure why. On the 3G emails and messages downloaded slowly.
    The new iphone4 via the same exact wifi & 3g networks download messages like lightning & instantly.

    Overall the phone is dramatically better in all areas,am im very impressed with it.
    Also running the new OS 4.2 and the otterbox case. For me it was HUGE upgrade and I am extremely happy and impressed with the new phone. I sold my old 3g Phone it basically paid for the new one.I had nothing to lose, and gained a fantastic new iphone.

    This post is from a life time PC guy too by the way, so I’m defin no Apple fan boy. I also used the 3rd Gen Iphone for almost 2 years now, so I believe my opinions are very valid.