After RIM and Nokia, HTC is kinda responding to Apple over the firm’s claims that all smartphones, including HTC’s own Droid Eris, drop signal bars. The company hasn’t officially replied to Apple but it gave some interesting information to Pocket Lint.

Eric Lin, HTC’s Global PR Manager, told Pocket Lint that they “have had very few complaints about signal or antenna problems on the Eris”. So, what percentage exactly? 0.016% of customers! This number is far from Apple’s 0.55%…

I don’t know if HTC will come up with an official statement but if so, I doubt it will beat RIM’s response to Apple, which to date is still my favorite.

  • Chris

    In the end apple got it so wrong with the design of the ip4, but the ones I’ve seen do not drop calls or lose signal. And I still wont one. It is just a few of these great phones that have this death grip. So if you got one take it back and swap it for another one. If you are still not happy get your money back and buy another phone. And as for apple bringing up other phone makes that was wrong because it’s not a Nokia or blackberry. It’s a Apple iPhone made by apple.

  • And after all of those talking, most people, including me still wants a new iPhone 4.

  • VPA021

    All I have to is RIM response to apple left me speechless. They crushed apple like a waterbug!!!

  • Juan

    Why did Apple feel the need to drag other manufacturers into his own issue is beyond me. I’ve never owned a phone with a “death grip”. Steve just made stuff up to blow the public off. There are reception issues. The number might be small but the issue *is* there. However, I believe the issue to be both AT&T and the iPhone design because I can reproduce signal degradation 100% of the time at my house but 0% of the time in 2 different homes (2 different friends around Reno)…

    Now, if you’re in a large metro like LA or SF, expect a crappy AT&T network. I had severe connectivity issues on my recent trip to Long Beach, CA. That was before the 4.0.1 update so we’ll see when I return to SoCal this Friday.

  • Justin

    I just noticed a sticker on the back, at the bottom of my old Samsung A707 that says, “For optimal call performance, do not obstruct this area during a call.”
    Yeah, it sucks. But this isn’t anything new. I still have not had a dropped call.