What a week, eh? In case you missed any of the festivities, here is a summary of what we talked about this past week.

  • Kenneth

    Hi, People! (: this was my first week, and i’m impressed.
    This website is amazing! Yes, it was a quiet hard week,
    the news I was angry about was geohot big mess’up! It was low
    performance from a guy with such a High respect for what he have done.
    Now I just look Down on his stunt, and yes he tricked me but,
    I do not crying out loud, I do not pay for jailbreaks I just use it, and follow
    the big World of hacks.

    Have a Nice weekend!

  • Awesome post, I’ve been looking for a round-up of what I missed whilst I’ve been away. It seems that there’s been a fair bit of controversy around the iPhone 4 this week – and I think I might just leave it a while before getting one! Thanks for the summary…

  • You should also make a “the biggest news of the month” or something like that. Maybe 🙂 Love this site!