Sometimes the most simple things are those that work the best. That’s exactly what Sherif Hashim illustrates with his little workaround to activate an iPhone without the original SIM card.

Simply using a $3 PhoneBook card, a SIM card usually used to transfer your contacts from one phone to another, Sherif was able to activate 2 iPhones.

Check out the video below to see how it works. Warning: sound is terrible!

  • Hope this is the rite place for me to let people know about my problem,.

    I purchased an I-Phone 4S from Australia on a Plan which was bound with the mobile company “3”, i never bothered to open the pack or pick up a sim and came back to India and when i did open the box we found that the sim wasn’t present to activate the phone and when i use an Indian Micro Sim during the activation process the phone says Insert a Sim and Try again and i am not able to get past that message to move on to the home screen,.

    If someone had a similar kind of problem and was able to get the phone activated please let me know b’cos i’m not moving back to Australia again.

    Thanks in advance

    • Well m8 u need to jailbreak d phone first, then will any microsim work On it