Invisible ShieldIf you’ve been anywhere near a computer, a TV set or a newspaper within the last week, you may have heard there is a bit of controversy around the iPhone 4 antenna.

To cut the backlash short, Apple decided to give away free cases to every iPhone owner. That’s a nice commercial gesture, but what are you going to do, if like me, you don’t really like cases?

Zagg, the maker of the InvisibleShield for iPhone has come up with a side shield that will prevent any electrical bridges, thus saving those precious signal bars. Additionally, you can even create your own custom invisible side shield.

They sell the side shield for $9.99, and the full body coverage for $24.99. You can order any of those products from here.

  • SoCoMagNuM

    There you go folks…antenna fix without having to sacrifice the sleek design of the iphone 4.

    Now whats next to complain about? People on here are on a roll lol

  • Lukeluke

    no @socomagnum, people want their iphone naked. not like bikini maxim models.
    OMG, i just went to the website.
    bikini models are actually pretty good.

  • Leviboxer

    Installed the full Zagg body shield within days of buying iPhone 4, made no difference to the signal drop now waiting for Apple to send me my free bumper!!!!!

  • Brian

    I thought the orange peel effect from the Invisible Shield was awful on mine.

  • Si

    I fitted this the other day. Looked OK, apart from the above mentioned orange peel effect which I could have made do with but the shield on the front started to peel at the top after a day. I have removed it now as the side covers make no difference to the antenna issue – it doesnt’t cover all the metal !

  • Leviboxer

    Forgot to mention that within a week the of the front shield began to peel so removed it and have to agree that the orange peel effect does spoil the look!!!

  • Justin

    I started with Invisible Shield (IS), but BestSkinsEver (BSE) has the exact same material shields for a *fraction* of the cost. I’ve been using them for years on my gadgets and highly recommend them to everyone I meet.

    BSE’ full body shields cover the sides too. Both BSE and IS both leave a portion of the metal exposed (especially if you don’t install it perfectly). So you *could* still bridge the metal if you hold it too tight.


  • Anotherbrian

    I have it on mine, can’t get a bar to drop no matter how I hold it, I have it going over the gap slightly. You can just put the sides on if you don’t like the orange peel look on front and back.

  • VnABC

    @Justin thanks for the link, much better price!

  • @SoCoMagNuM: wild guess… proximity sensor :}