Yesterday Steve Jobs announced that Apple will be giving away free cases to iPhone 4 owners, a move that will certainly appease most of us. I’d like to get your feeling about the whole situation though. Could you please take the poll below and tell us what you think. Make sure to leave a comment if you have more to say.

  • william mazza

    i don’t have a case or anything and i have not had one bad call or poor reception or a dropped call yet.

  • travisgamedev

    Same here. No reception issues since day one. Just happy to get a free case.

  • Jason masters

    Me too but then I’ve only made wifi calls cuz I haven’t been able to unlock and jailbreak it yet!

  • travisgamedev

    Don’t vote in the poll if you don’t have an iPhone 4. People are skewing the numbers who own an Android or Crackberry. Interesting how they’re not happy with the results…


    Yes I’m happy with the results but I don’t have a problem with my 4. So at least I get a free case.

  • DRSZ24ss

    No problems for me with drop calls because I don’t grip my phone so tight that it would cause the signal to drop. Who talks like that anyway? If you live in an area with poor signal, don’t blame the phone, blame the carrier. Either way, I’m getting a case not because of the non-issue issue but because I was gonna get one anyway.

  • Weebsurfer

    I don’t have one YET but I still voted Yes, but doesn’t fix te problem, because frankly Steve-o dropped the ball here… Or his PR folks did. The Real Problem was how the situation was handled. Bumpers should have been sent out from the start. The cynical conspiacy theorist in me is wondering if having exposed antenae serve a greater purpose. Is it possible that future add ons can take advantage of this by boosting reception??? All just very odd for Apple to pooch on something so avoidable.
    Meh, my iPhone 4 is going in a case anyways.

  • Jmwallace74

    I have owned the iPhone, the iPhone 3G, and now the iPhone 4. They all have given me the same coverage.. The problem’s are not in the iPhone, but it’s in the AT&T data coverage which is terrible in Darke county, Ohio

  • OS X User

    Look I think this thing just got out of proportion ! I have an iPhone 4 and have not noticed dropped bars, YES there is a death grip, but you literally have to CHOKE the living shit out of the iPhone 4 to do it. Personally I think Steve Jobs FUCKED up…… if he would of answered differently instead of “your holding it wrong, and then claiming its a non-issue” things would of been better”

  • Robzy

    After paying such a high price to get the iPhone to begin with I expect it to function correctly without a piece of rubber around it. In my opinion Apple shouldn’t have released iPhone 4, at least not without further testing, as it has done nothing but damage their reputation. There really isn’t much need in rushing out a new model each year.

    Encase you couldn’t tell I’ve downgraded to 3GS. It may lack some features but at least it manages a basic task such as a phone call.

  • Antonio

    My friends Andriod drops bars when held In that “Deathgrip” postion. I love my phone and would love go get a refund on the bumper I purchased.
    Goods of the iP4 way out weigh the bad.. LoL Best smart phone out!!!

  • Dadditude

    I would be happier if they posted a list of what cases will be available to choose from.

  • William Douglas

    I have had no issues with my iPhone4 at all even without a case. No signal issues, no dropped calls and no yellow pictures or screens. Guess I was lucky.

  • Tom

    Am I happy, well not really.

    I get that the attenuation observed is not unique to the iPhone 4 and that, short of a super leap forward in antenna design the issue isn’t going to disappear very soon.

    That said, I like iPhones because they’re actually designed, and look sleek and nice. I simply don’t want to have to cover it up to with an ugly piece of plastic to ensure I don’t have signal issues. Which basically means I have to put up with the odd problems. Not much I say or do will change things, but I do feel slightly duped by a pretty fundamental flaw.

  • Aian

    Well, I appreciate the fact that they try to satisfy their customers. Most definitely I would rather the phone works properly by itself.