Antenna Comparison

After starting the conference admitting Apple is not perfect, Steve Jobs went on demonstrating that the death grip is not only iPhone-specific. He showed us how the bars would drop on a BlackBerry Bold, an HTC Eris, and the Samsung Omnia 2. Conclusion: phones aren’t perfect. [Image: Engadget]

  • Alick

    I dont have that problem with my blackberry storm. I wonder why he didn;t compare it to that cause i dont have the death grip problem. also i do own iphone3g and it does have problems like that
    instead of pointing out the problems which 99% of iphone4 owners and anyone with internet access to new already know, why not just fix the problem.
    the software patch wont fix it.
    its need to be address in the hardware
    thats my 2cents

  • Geohot-critic

    Why are they issuing free bumpers and cases to every iPhone 4 user if this problem is not a problem??? Ie. The above is rubbish. Makes no sense at all.

  • @Geohot-critic: It makes perfect sense from a business perspective. Apple has a perception problem right now which exceeds the technical problems of the antenna. Though a small portion of users actually experience the death grip problem, all or nearly all of them could if they chose to switch to the death grip. The perception created by the media, from all the way to Consumer Reports is that the antenna is flawed. The free cases address the the perception problem.

  • VnABC


  • I was expecting a recall, but at least giving away free bumpers is a good start. Will be interesting to see if this satisfies people..

  • Ab

    Who gives a fuck?
    I hardly make calls on my iPhone 4g…it’s all about the data and enjoying the GUI…all those droidboys are still playing catchup.
    Every new android phone is marketed as the iPhone killer…but you know what, I’m still waiting…I’ve been waiting for years since the 3G. When the iPhone killer finally comes I’ll switch coz I hate iTunes….but I’m still waiting…and waiting…and waiting….

  • E

    @geohot-critic of course it makes sense. It’s not a problem for me. There is no problem for 99.45% but they want to make EVERY customer happy. Even those .55% whiners. So here’s free cases. Use your head man.