We Love Our Users

At the conference about the iPhone 4 antenna issue today, Apple announced that it will be giving away free cases to iPhone 4 owners. Even though they don’t admit that the iPhone 4 has a problem with the antenna, Apple said they do all this because they love their users.

If you look at the transcript of the conference, it’s actually clear that  “we love our users” was the message Apple wanted to get across.

When asked if Apple had learned anything from this debacle, Steve Jobs replied:

There are some things we know that we did learn here. One thing is how much we love our customers and how we are going to take care of them. We were stunned and upset and embarrassed by the Consumer Reports stuff, and the reason we didn’t say more is because we didn’t know enough. If we’d have done this event a week and a half ago, we wouldn’t have had half the data we have today.

Hmm. I have a hard time believing Apple would have done anything if Consumer Reports hadn’t brought the antenna issue to the mainstream. After all, Steve was pretty quick at telling people the iPhone had no problem at all and that we were holding it wrong. He didn’t seem to need any “data” at the time.

Besides, what kind of data does Apple have right now? The fact the iPhone 4 drops only one call per 100 more than the iPhone 3GS? Did it take Apple 3 weeks to figure this out? If anything, this data should prove that the iPhone 4 antenna is worse than the 3GS’.

When Ryan Block from GDGT asked how does touching the corner with a single finger seem to cause this issue? It’s not just a grip, it can just happen by touching a single finger. Bob Mansfield replied, completely avoiding the answer:

Your body is a pretty effective signal absorber. When you make contact with that phone, its performance in contact with you is less than its freespace performance. It’s a way to attenuate the signal by some amount.

This doesn’t answer the question. Apple can demonstrate how other smartphones drop signal by gripping them but you don’t need to grip your iPhone 4 to make it drop signal. You just need to put one finger on it.

To me Apple didn’t address the issue at all today. They didn’t admit their product was flawed. All they are doing is calming people down with free cases.

Today, I don’t believe Apple when they say they care about their users. Ultimately, the only thing they care about is putting an end to this publicity massacre.

What do you think?

  • Jc

    Apple is awesome!! you are too criticstic. Dont br that way. I love my iphone 4.

  • Navec245

    I think you should return your iPhone4. Why keep a product from Apple when you don’t believe they have the consumers best interest at heart?

  • SoCoMagNuM

    again…my iphone doesnt suffer the antenna issue…but ill take the free bumper or refund anyday 🙂

  • takean

    I just don’t care tbh. Who owns a $600+ phone without a protective case anyway??? lol I mean, I guess I would if I had money to piss away, but i don’t so mine is protected…and i’m happy with my iphone. Will be happier when I can jailbreak it…but atm, I’m content.

  • Lok

    Three weeks is wt it takes for AT&T to send apple the data. Three weeks is actually not too bad consider the amount of time it took Microsoft to address the issue on xbox360.
    Free cases is very generous dude.
    Beside, they admitted that it’s not a perfect phone.

  • Johnnyyy!

    He did admit the phone was flawed when he started saying that we’re humans and we all make mistakes .

  • Eugenius

    Wouldn’t anyone hate bad publicity? That’s why this conference took place. And I think they care about customers I mean, they’re giving free bumpers! Still not happy? Return it for a full refund. Either way, the antenna was the only reason why I didn’t get the iPhone 4. But with people commenting saying they didn’t have issues I’m starting to think people criticize too harshly or blow it out of proportion.

  • jon

    woah! dude, steve admitted alot of times that the iphone 4 had it’s flaw, if u don’t like the phone return it and get over it

  • David

    Like Steve said, the press will print what they want to attract eyeballs. It was a non-issue for me and also every one of my friends that bought the phone. It was blown way out of proportion, and now for the whiners it has been addressed. If you don’t like it return it and shut up. Nobody complains that Android crashes or that the Blackberry is slow, they just return them.

  • SoCoMagNuM

    @Eugenius people love to see success fail. Look at sony and ps3. Sony overcharged for a system at that time that was ahead of its time And inferior to what MS offered with 360. MS messed up rushing their system out early and had a massive recall of overeating systems which still exists to this day.

    No company nor device is ever perfect no matter how big a fan u are.

  • David


    The antenna issue shouldn’t keep you from buying an iphone 4 if you’re planning on getting a case, which would fix the problem. It is a beautiful and powerful device. I used mine without a case for about a week and a half, so I’m not sure if using it without a case is really a problem, although I don’t recall being annoyed by the device’s performance during my case-less period.

  • David

    Just got an Iphone4… Just need a jb now.

  • Kev

    You know what? Yes signal drops. But if I don’t put my finger there I can get reception where I couldn’t with my 3g and stream music via bluetooth which was impossible on a 3g. Makes it worth it for me.

  • Ashley

    I updated my firmware to 4.01 and putting my finger or gripping it there doesn’t make the signal drop anymore.

  • I called in and spoke to customer relations and gave them this recommendation about a month ago – to give out free cases!

  • Z

    I don’t know, am I the only one dissatisfied with this solution?! This is ridiculous! They have $100m to presumably invest into antenna r&d, the cost of production of one phone is about $180 when the sales price is over $700 and they sold 4m iphones4, their shares are priced at about $230 per share, and Steve Jobs dares to say that they can’t make enough Bumpers to fullfil the demand when the cost of poduction of one Bumper is 50c?! And NO, they don’t make it easy, come in, choose and get out. You’ll have to apply on the site in some near future…?

    BULLCRAP!!! Go back on your vacation, Steve! Or else you won’t get your refund! Or maybe you will, but I’m sure they forgot to mention how. Why don’t you take my old Samsung SGH-E900 and compare that with an iPhone? I would get reception in elevators, metros, almost anywhere I’d go with that phone. And I could set my own mp3 ringtones, MSG tones, email tones, alarm tones – all factory available. And it had a built in am/fm radio lol and it was tri-band factory unlocked, which let me use it with any carrier providing sim cards at the time anywhere in the world, and, and… and I still have it, because in my opinion it’s awesome, keeps my 2year old son distracted from my 3gs. Beat THAT Jobs!

    I’m alergic to bullshit, and that entire conference makes me sneeze! I feel like it was a waste of tech bloggers’ time.

    Overall, it was a well planned step. I have to give Steve props for that. He’s already got people falling for it. Great marketing Job! Or great marketing, Jobs!

  • Lukeluke

    To all who complains about the iphone 4 antenna:

    I will explain without being rude.
    What can apple do to satisfy people who complain about the antenna.

    1. Formally address the issue which they did today.
    2. Offer free cases, they are doing it already. People really should get a case because if people drop their phone and it breaks, they will probably complain that the glass is not hard enough and such.
    3. recall. not practical, because you dont recall a product if it doesnt affect people’s health. You can always get a refund. SoCoMagNuM@, my friend, stevejob@, Ashley@, David@ here dont have this problem.
    4. Apologize? Why? You chose to buy it. Deep down, you know this phone is great compare to androids and windows based phone. THAT is why you didnt get a refund. And seriously, why would apologizing to you make the signal better?
    5. modifiy iphone manufacture process which they probably are doing now. I am sure 3gs at the beginning and now are slightly different inside.

    It took microsoft months to address the xbox360 overheating issue. You get a response from apple in two weeks, consider yourself lucky.

  • Ghettocowboy

    “We love our users, we tried very hard to surprise them and delight them. Without their stupidity, I wouldn’t be where I am today and our company would not flourish”

    Originally, they were very adamant about not giving out the free rubber cover. But now they realized the product is defective and not fixable. If I am an iPhone 4 owner, I would not be very happy with this remedy. Shhhhht, the rubber is only $30, you are stucked with a defective product.

    Just like selling a brand new car with defective AC, would you settle for a free fan from home depot instead of the manufacture recalling the product and fix the AC???

  • Lukeluke

    people who are not satisfy with the case remedy can always get a refund.
    if the tests on other phones that apple did were true (dont know if they are), all phones are defective to a certain extend. iphone4 is not as good in that area but better in other ways.

    Using your car analogy ghettocowboy@, iphone4 is like a car with AC that cannot blow cold air to the backseats. most people will settle for it. people who cant will get a different car OR, add a fan that car because even though that car can not blow wind to the backseat as good as some other cars, that car has a better engine, or look prettier, etc.

  • Its a hard statement to prove true, I see where you are coming from though seb. Any company obviously has to fix a media massacre because 1 it is going to effect sales and 2 it will effect their credibility, which ultimately is very bad for Apple. So yes, in a way you could say this is definitely an attempt to close this media massacre.
    However, I do believe that this antenna issue was blown way out of proportion. I think a lot of people had no idea of the issue until a few individuals with actual cases of death grip spread it over media outlets, immediately making other users take notice to something that really wasn’t even making enough effect for them to notice. This made the situation more extreme than it actually is. Yes I think the statement we love our customers was a little too big of a statement to make, but at least Apple is doing its best to solve this issue. A Free Case and an option of a refund means they at least care enough to provide a easy fix the issue, and as a lot of you have said a recall really would be out of the question. Anyways just my two cents worth…

  • After today’s announcement, I actually think Apple LIKES “Antennagate.” I mean, how many times was the iPhone 4 mentioned in the news this week compared with the Droid X, which probably should have been the tech story of the week.

    Like they say – bad news is better than no news at all.

  • Thefallen

    my respect for @Lukeluke words…

  • brent

    Sebastian, I don’t think you watched the same press conference I did. Of course he admitted it was flawed. And compared it to the same or similar flaw in other smart phones. And to think Apple or any other company doesn’t care about its customers…I’m sorry but that’s incredibly ignorant. It’s not the “lovey dovey smoochy smoochy” kind of care. It’s the “I want your money” kind of care. Duh. If a company doesn’t care about the needs/wants of its customers, how could it possibly be successful. I seriously doubt Steve Jobs told his engineers, “hey guys, let’s build a flaw into this new antenna system and stick it to these crappy customers. That’ll show them!”

    Let’s get real. And yes this thing was blown way out of proportion for the very reason he states. The weak spot is on the outside of the phone making it easily demonstrable by every media outlet imaginable. I have quite a few friends and coworkers who have an iPhone 4. Most of them had not even heard about the issue, and didn’t notice a problem. The few who did know about it could replicate the problem, but in real world use it just ISN’T AN ISSUE FOR THEM. I don’t have one yet because I like to let others test the waters first. I’m basing my decision on real world use, not on videos of people holding their finger on the side of a phone, or someone purposefully dropping a phone and showing me it will break. Again…duh.

    I’m pretty sure I’m ready to pick one up, despite this earth-shattering flaw it has. 😉


    Not an Apple-fanboy, just a guy that can see through all the hype.

  • I’m quite ashamed that it took me this long to realize that this is an iPhone site for people who hate Apple.

    To those of you who are disappointed with Apple’s response today, return your damned iPhones and get over it. If you’re really happy with a POS old Samsung SGH-E900 then don’t spend $199 out of pocket plus an extra $30-$40/month to reimburse AT&T for a subsidy on a $600 phone! If you prefer a Blackberry (been there, done that, got the fucking aggravation), then keep your Blackberry or return your iPhone and go back to your Blackberry. A Blackberry is a great device if your Killer App is mobile email, but if it’s mobile wep, then Blackberries suck. If you’ve been pondering a Droid, then by all means return your iPhone and get a Droid. Go complain to HTC or Motorola or whichever clone maker you wish. Sure, you’ll have antenna issues with whichever Droid you buy, but nobody will even notice let along make a huge stick about it.

    Sebastien really sets a horrible tone with his articles, encouraging people who I can only assume hate pretty much everything that they buy to piss and moan about a product WHICH IS STILL WITHIN ITS 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE PERIOD!!

    Sebastien, I thank you for consolidating information about jailbreaking and unlocking. As for the rest of it, I’m opting out. I know that you’ve said that despite your problems with at least three iPhone 4’s you love it and will continue to hate on it here. I just hope that you never love anything that I create because anyone who has fans like you doesn’t has room for haters.

  • Anotherbrian

    I agree with Ryan Walker, people need to learn how to criticize. This site must be in with justanotheriphoneblog.com, they seem like haters instead of reporting issues. My iPhone 4 kicks butt just like a few other million do, I have always said it’s way over blown. I think people are addicted to watching bars now and have very few dropped calls but can handle seeing a bar drop, oh no a bar dropped. One reason there might be more dropped calls on the iPhone 4 is because everybody and there momma is trying to make calls drop.

  • Thefallen

    I wonder how many of you here can tell the difference between criticize and giving an opinion.

  • Z

    Criticising is already expressing an opinion. How many of you are capable of accepting other peoples criticism/opinions, reflect off of them, construct a debate if you don’t agree, and type it away, while maintaining it an interesting topic?

    I’m European, Sebastien, if I’m not mistaken, is also European. So may be us Europeans have a little different perspective on this issue, higher expectations from a top tech/soft developing company like Apple. I also want to remind EVERYONE how “amazing” your iPhones are without a jailbreak. Apple – strike 2!

    For Ryan to call this blog ‘for iPhone haters’ is a bit ignorant, especially when most of the comments are Apple supportive. I’m a reader of at least 5 iPhone related blogs, 4 of them are boring, tech/info oriented. Those blogs have no activity, no daily articles, sometimes no articles for days. To me that’s a sign of failure.

    @Ryan, POS stands for Point Of Sale, so you could have spelled ‘piece of crap’ out. Which is again an ignorant observation, considering that phone was top notch at the time, and even now, few years past, it still has better reception than most of the phones I EVER used. So maybe Apple could take an example of a GOOD antenna from the “POS” samsung. The reason why I mentioned my old phone is to draw your attention on one simple fact – the comparrison of phones was not FACTUAL. don’t you think the selection of comparative phones was intentional? I think it was. And as a matter of fact, I don’t find it professional to be PUBLICLY comparing an iPhone with its competitor phones. In Europe it is considered UNETHICAL, and therefore, against the law.

  • Thefallen


    crit·i·cize (krt-sz)
    v. crit·i·cized, crit·i·ciz·ing, crit·i·ciz·es
    1. To find fault with: criticized the decision as unrealistic. See Usage Note at critique.
    2. To judge the merits and faults of; analyze and evaluate.

    To do this you need knowledge, criteria.

    o·pin·ion (-pnyn)
    1. A belief or conclusion held with confidence but not substantiated by positive knowledge or proof: “The world is not run by thought, nor by imagination, but by opinion” (Elizabeth Drew).

    LOL (I was bored)

  • Z

    Lol I didn’t mean to offend with my Critical Opinion 😉

  • Thefallen



  • Anotherbrian

    How come other companies can compare their phone to the iPhone and say it’s better than the iPhone. Seems to me they run their commercials everyday to cut down the iPhone but they don’t get criticized for that, oh it’s cause your mad at Apple.

    To me Apple wasn’t criticizing the other phones, just proving a point.