Free Cases for iPhone 4

I guess I was right… once again. In a move aimed at pleasing every iPhone 4 customer, Apple just announced they are giving away cases to every iPhone 4 owner.

Apple doesn’t make enough Bumpers to satisfy the demand so instead of giving us Bumpers, they will give us the option to choose from several cases (including the Bumper). If you bought a Bumper before, guess what, you will get a refund!

You’ll be able to apply on Apple’s website to order your free case starting at the end of next week.

[Image Engadget]

  • Will

    Well I really wasn’t expecting this from apple. I have to give them props.

  • Armando Lara

    At least they have some dignity.

  • VnABC

    Hey, I was right too 😉 free bumper!

  • SoCoMagNuM

    i bought a bumper on the launch day…did Jobs say how i go about getting a refund?

    • @SoCoMagNuM Nothing was said about the refund process but I’m sure it will be made public in the next few days.

  • Turbo

    If I get a iPhone 4 after next week do I get a free case also?

  • Z

    Dignity? I don’t know, am I the only one dissatisfied with this solution?! This is ridiculous! They have $100m to presumably invest into antenna r&d, the cost of production of one phone is about $180 when the sales price is over $700 and they sold 4m iphones4, their shares are priced at about $230 per share, and Steve Jobs dares to say that they can’t make enough Bumpers to fullfil the demand when the cost of poduction of one Bumper is 50c?! And NO, they don’t make it easy, come in, choose and get out. You’ll have to apply on the site in some near future…?

    BULLCRAP!!! Go back on your vacation, Steve! Or else you won’t get your refund! Or maybe you will, but I’m sure they forgot to mention how. Why don’t you take my old Samsung SGH-E900 and compare that with an iPhone? I would get reception in elevators, metros, almost anywhere I’d go with that phone. And I could set my own mp3 ringtones, MSG tones, email tones, alarm tones – all factory available. And it had a built in am/fm radio lol and it was tri-band factory unlocked, which let me use it with any carrier providing sim cards at the time anywhere in the world, and, and… and I still have it, because in my opinion it’s awesome, keeps my 2year old son distracted from my 3gs. Beat THAT Jobs!

    I’m alergic to bullshit, and that entire conference makes me sneeze! I feel like it was a waste of tech bloggers’ time.

  • Z

    Fumes are out.

    Overall, it was a well planned step. I have to give Steve props for that. He’s already got people falling for it. Great marketing Job! Or great marketing, Jobs!

  • Dadditude

    @Turbo: Anyone who has purchased an iPhone 4 or who purchases an iPhone 4 before September 30 will qualify for the free case (if I correctly understood what was said at the press conference).

    Looking forward to seeing what cases are available to choose from.

  • Ken maliga

    Ship date was said to be Aug 27, just got email today from apple shipped today…. YAY

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  • allrady

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