In case you didn’t know, Apple is having a press conference tomorrow, presumably to address the iPhone 4 antenna fiasco. Will the company come clean and recognize its errors? Will they offer to fix it? Or will they keep pretending there is no problem with the antenna?

Personally, I think they will offer free Bumpers to everyone. Software can’t fix hardware issues and a recall would cost way too much. The only option left is the free Bumper which will not really address the issue, but at least it will hide the problem – in a rubber case – while being very cost-effective.

What do you think? Please take this poll and make sure you leave a comment to tell us what you think is going to happen.

  • Rob

    Interesting that someone has voted for 4.1 will fix it when beta user have already proven it doesn’t ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • stenev

    I’m guessing they will stick to the OS4.1 will fix it line however I’m hoping for some sort of recall. My iphone4 arrives today so I’ve not had a chance to see the issue demonstrated personally and will reserve judgement until I have. They have the potential to really turn this around and make it a positive PR event if handled correctly. It could also go completely the other way and destroy the loyalty they have spent all this time building up.

  • stenev

    @Rob: It was me! I didn’t say it ‘would’ fix it; just that it may be the line they stick to!

  • Joss

    Go suck a lollypop

  • Since they are calling a conference, they will have to talk about it, and this is really an issue, they have to do one of those things now, since the Bumpers seens to solve the issue, or free bumpers or massive recall. I don’t believe a massive recall will be done, the recall will probably be the solution just for those who complain about the issue on the store, since this is a malfunction and you can do it…

  • Jason masters

    You can do it!!! ๎„„๎€Š

  • Mojtaba cazi

    It’s a hardware failure because of interferences in two antenna pole!
    Apple guys should go and study electromagnetic course again!!!!
    They can’t resolve it with a software update they only can hide the problem behind software

  • Francesco

    I think that they well keep hiding the problem in future updates but it’s good to knw that apple might be wanting to fix it or not. They should try recalling first ppls iPhone 4 to see but if not the free bumper case would be nice as I don’t own a iPhone 2g,3G,3GS,4 I have am iPod touch 2nd gen (MC Model) but I will always be nice to support iPhone users 2 ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ hope apple will help u guys

  • Vik071

    I think that they should admit the mistake and approve a massive recall. Unless they do not care about the quality of their products and user experience…

  • I agree with U Sebastien, definitely bumper cases is the most probable cause it’s the cost effective option. But still hopes Apple surprises Us all and at least recognizes the problem as it is, instead of keep saying there’s no really a problem.

  • Rob

    @stenev Fair enough.

    Seen reports from the jail break team where they can see the sensitive spot being touched effects right in the baseband. They can stop the problem by putting their iPhone receipt between their hand and the aforementioned spot. Software won’t fix this. Insulation will.

  • David

    the whole thing is blown way out of proportion. Don’t like you phone? return it. get 100% back whats better than that? Could you imagine what people would say if you held another phone by the Antenna, your an idiot DON’T HOLD IT LIKE THAT. However, even if you must hold your iphone that way (theres a mod for that) Use a case!!!! 95% of everyone i know with an iphone has it in a case anyway. Don’t want a case put a clear coat over the black strip. think invisable shield for the stripe.

    You still want a recall? I’ll buy your iphone 4 off you $300, you make a profit.

  • Kevin

    How about waiting until tomorrow to find out??

    All you’re doing by speculating is setting yourself up for disappointment. We, as early adopters, have to accept the fact that not EVERY new gadget will be perfect, even from Apple. I have the new iPhone and absolutely love it! Yes, when I first got the device there were signal issues (works better now that I have a case); yes, I’m a bit disappointed; and YES, I’m going to keep my new iPhone and not demand a recall!

    Also, why is everyone saying that Apple is handling this totally wrong? You haven’t even given them a chance to respond yet! Seriously … just 2 days after the launch people were already complaining that Apple was ignoring the antenna issue. Do you expect Apple to address everyone individually, or the entire world for that matter, without having thought the matter through? Give them some time to work out the problem, don’t just let loose with the bantering before giving them a chance to FIX IT FIRST!!

    Who knows, tomorrow they might just surprise us all with a great solution. They have a great track record for providing awesome products. I’m sure they want to keep that reputation going.

  • Will

    Yeah , I agree with Kevin . Let’s just wait and find out tomorrow .

  • lower the price!!!

  • Z

    Different people have different opinions. As Kevin said, it’ll all be clear tomorrow.

    Here is my input on this:
    1. I never bought iphone4, nor did I upgrade – don’t find it necessary before the jb is out.
    2. From day one I was saying that it seemed to be a hardware problem which couldn’t be fixed with an update.
    3. I HATE rubber bumpers!
    4. Covering up the problem, to me, is not fixing it. This is an equivalent to lying, in my opinion.
    5. Recall is ALWAYS the sollution of last resort. Apple will not go for it, simple as that. Recalls are usually forced by consumers and implemented by the manufacturers. Noone benefits from a recall, neither the costumer, nor the seller, so I don’t even expect it to happen for one big reason – there is not enough pressure on apple from us costumers. We’ll see if tomorrow changes anything.
    6. Apple has collected some genious brains in their offices, well, they better come up with a quick overnight physical fix to all the phones so costumers could bring the phone, leave it for a night, return the next day and be HAPPY! I didn’t say ‘remain happy’ for a reason there.

    P.S.: How many of you are going to be satisfied with a “FREE” rubber bumper? (Sebastien, you should make a poll for that)

  • ghettocowboy

    hahahaa, who the heck would believe that 4.1 firmware would fix it? firmware 4.1 is more like turning iphone 4 into a gaming machine and the antenna issue is a hardware issue, not software.

    Apple should at least give out hand-free bluetooth to remedy the antenna along with the rubber bumper if they decided not to do the recall

  • Derrick

    I’d like to chose 2

    They’ll say os4.1 will fix it but it really won’t and they’ll give bumpers out to those who ask

    If they deny it then they are completely full of shit forever