Sad, but true… This is what iOS 4 looked like on the couple iPhone 3G I saw it running on.

If you have an iPhone 3G with iOS 4, please tell us if you’re iPhone is still as snappy as ever or if it slowed down.

  • Adam

    Mine is exactly like that. Slow and unresponsive. For the few extra features you get with iOS4 on the 3G its not just not worth updating. I definitely wish i hadnt bothered updating my 3G to iOS4. If only i could downgrade properly 🙁

  • JB

    Gosh! Did you steal my phone to use in this video?! I have a 3G and it’s TRYING to run iOS4 too. It’s absolutely terrible. I try to send a text message and I can type a line and a half of text before my phone registers the first few letters on the screen. I can hardly wait for the email from the apple store to tell me that my iPhone 4 is ready. Hmm…maybe this was Apple’s goal.

  • Justin

    Apple’s latest exchange profile update fixed a lot of the iOS4 slow downs we’ve seen on 3G’s. You just need to remember to reboot the phone after it is applied.

  • Same thing happening to my iphone3g. But Using Sbsetting i force Quit all the process and Free up my memory. It makes Normal for few seconds and than again i have do same thing all over again

  • Just wondering if it gets slow on the 3Gs as well since it has double memory capacity than 3G but just half of the 4G.

    • Rod porkmore

      Yes my 3GS is running so slow compared to b4 update
      It locks up and takes a while to get going again

  • Kalvin

    I have a 3G and it was running terribly after I updated to iOS 4. After a few days i couldn’t handle it, so I removed multitasking and it began to ran much faster like it normally did.

  • Angel

    I have exactly the same problem…. even i receive a ph call, only after couple seconds then i hear the other person saying… i’m so upset 🙁 wish thre’s a way to undo it :((

  • Aaron

    OH man, that is so perfect. My 3G runs like POOOOOOO! Ill get a call and my phone is locked, I will sit there and swipe to answer like 12 times before it finally responds. Most times it doesn’t respond in time to answer the call and i have to call them back.

  • blah

    Yea, I’d heard it was bad, never updating my 3G again :-\

  • I have an iphone 3G running iOS 4 j/b with multitasking since day 1 and its much better than this one. It becomes unresponsive sometimes yes, and it seems slower than before but its never unusable or annoying to me and i use it all day.

  • E

    Uh Kalvin? iOS 4 for 3G doesn’t have multitasking (unless jailbroken) so WTF are u talking about disabling it?

  • Flowzell

    Too funny… The parody is spot on. May as well be my phone in the video… Plus, many of my apps crash regularly during use… especially the news apps. Sad but true indeed!

    Is it possible to make iOS4 run any better on 3G somehow? Is it possible for 3G to revert back to 3.1.3? If so, please post up how to do so… Thanks in advance.

  • BookerTW

    This is pretty much exactly how mine acts now. The one thing they forgot is the apps randomly crashing, or dling an app that doesn’t work with IOS4 yet :/

  • OS X User

    1) Jailbreak
    2) Dont install Winterboard
    3) install SB Settings
    4) Remove unused languages… google around and you will learn how to remove all the languages on the iPhone it will give you a 25% boost !

  • Turbo

    Yes that’s how my 3g was but my wifi never worked so I took it to apple got a new 3g but I’m not loading os 4 on it sorry for my wife she still has the problems

  • Will

    All you guys just need to get a 3GS or an i4 problem solve !!!

  • WOW!

    That has to be my 3G! Waiting on that infamous email from Apple telling me my iPhone 4 is in.

  • Flo

    My 3G is still in 3.1.2 and will probably stay like that until my next… HTC Evo/Scorpio!!!
    I’m tired with Apple’s little fancies…

  • Weebsurfer

    Another post told of a crazy method of rebooting three times. I thought “how stupid is that”. Then I did it. I may be crazy but Ii noticed a big improvement. Try it out.

    Maps still SUCK though. How does maps run on the other models? Noticable change?

    Email profile fix made mail fly. Thanks for the post on that one!!!!

  • care


    I did a complete restore iOS 4.0 and avoid jailbreak and my 3G is now a brand new phone!!!!!

  • Z

    I couldn’t figure out whether it was the music on the phone glitchig. Love the background sound affects.

    But seriously now, does apple realy expect iOS4 to run on 3G? I see something like an ability to downgrade to os 3.1.3 coming from apple for 3G owners.

    If I had a 3G running iOS4 so slowly, I’d definitely be interested in downgrading. But wait, Apple restricted the downgrades, meaning there is no turning back? I would stick that phone up Steve’s back and tell HIM “you are no longer an anal virgin and there is NO turning back”

    I feel sorry for you guys, 3G owners stuck with iOS4.

  • Chris

    My wifes 3g is fine no slowing down at all. As for my 3gs it was great on ios4 but I like my jailbreak to much so drowngraded back to 3.1.3

  • Edward

    Hm.. I have an iPod touch 2G, which is just as powerful as the iPhone 3G. It is still really fast.

  • Sue

    I wish I’d never updated my 3G. I’m losing the love rapid.

  • blockhead

    My 3G is running iOS 4 with no speed/lag issues. It is a basic setup with SBSettings, Activator and Backgrounder. usual Phone, Email and iPod multi-tasking. THANK YOU DevTeam!

    what OS X User said…

  • Weird, my iPhone 3G is nothing like that. I heard that when you do a restore, then it’s back to normal. Just heard, but still. Mine is all ok though.

  • boolan

    hi there..i agree that using ios4 in 3g will make ur iphone very slow..
    for those who not backup ssh in cydia,i learn there is a way to downgrade your iphone 3g to 3.1.3 or 3.1.2. i hv succeed..u can try watching this vid.

    but the link to download irecovery is not valid anymore

    but u can download smwhere else irecovery
    all da best..

  • xMort

    This is exactly my 3G. Jailbreaked with multitasking and wallpaper, rejailbreaked to fix MMS/iBooks/APN problems and to disable wallpaper and multitasking. Situation is better after rejailbreak. In 50% times iPhone behaves like in video + random repeated crashes of stock applications (vs 100% with wallpaper+multitasking) and in other 50% it’s run just fine.
    I try to remove other languages as someone suggested in comment above.

  • I’ve a 3G, and I updated to iOS4 from day 1 and also jailbreaked and unlocked it.

    With me, it is stable except some times when Facebook, twitter and Safari were opened while I write an email!

    Otherwise, it is great update from my 3G 🙂

  • Joss

    I have the iPhone 3G and the ios 4 is the best os to run on it since 2.1

  • DylanLpu

    Suck slow and super unresponsive…

  • Vik071

    My 3G suckes big time on iOS 4. I downgraded to 3.1.3 nad worked fine. I think that this the last firmware update availible for good old 3G. I’m selling it today and already using my new 3GS. On, 3.1.3, jailbroken! Of course!

  • mshayanh

    My 3G seems faster with the new update. I would like it if Cycorder would get updated for ios4.

  • Lucas

    I updated my 3G a few days b/4 I got the iPhone 4 and it was seemingly okay as far as speed, if not a little snappier on mine. It was always kinda slow sometimes when typing and took a few seconds to catch up, but nothing out of the ordinary on iOS4 for me and I was j/b with multitasking and wallpapers. I only used it for a few days, though, so maybe it gets worse over time.

  • Tim G

    My 3G is very sluggish on ios4. Obviously it can’t handle it. Anxiously awaiting iphone4.

  • S. Adam

    I got ripped off! I bought the iPhone 3 just 4 months prior to the release of the iphone 4. Then I upgraded my OS to 4.0 and is very very slow and even reboots on its own.

    SHAME! On Apple!!!!

  • Casey

    And what about iPhone 4? My typing in Safari when entering in a web form is very delayed and choppy. Anyone else?