iOS 4.1 SDK Beta

Apple just pushed the iOS SDK 4.1 beta to developers. This move is widely expected to NOT fix the antenna issue but rather hide it behind cosmetic changes. This beta version (for developers only) will show bigger bars and will fix the formula that calculates how many bars are displayed, which Apple said to be “totally wrong“.

Unless you’re a developer, you really have no business playing with the iOS SDK 4.1. beta. Also keep in mind that installing this beta version or the future official iOS 4.1 may compromise your chances of jailbreaking or unlocking your iPhone.

  • Ifonechip

    Glad to see they’re one step closer to having the jailbreak ready and out.

  • Amanda

    Dude we stll cannot jailbreak the os4.0 and you are talking about not beeing able to jailbreak the 4.1,,please next time specify so what category you are refeering to ?!

  • Jon

    Amanda its pretty obvious

  • Adam

    I mean really….

  • Z

    Not to mention some other changes like modem firmware, game center, landscape repositioning of flash button etc…